Scrambled Eggs


A drag-and-drop utility for scrambling files to bypass firewall restrictions

Operating system: Windows


Release : Scrambled Eggs 1.08

Antivirus check: passed

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'Scrambled Eggs' software is a small drag-and-drop application that grants users the ability to scramble their files, making them unreadable. This serves particularly handy when you need to transfer files through firewalls that would otherwise block them in their unscrambled state. Scrambled Eggs alters your files such that they can pass through any firewall, facilitating the transmission of your data.

Operating Scrambled Eggs is straightforward. Users simply need to drag files from the Windows explorer and drop it into the Scrambled Eggs program to scramble them. Once scrambled, the file can pass through the firewall where it could not in its unscrambled state. This feature proves helpful to programmers wanting to share their source code, compiled programs, or even Excel, Word, and Access macros, which are usually blocked by firewalls.

  • Drag and Drop: Scrambled Eggs uses a drag-and-drop interface for easily scrambling your files.
  • File Scrambling: The software can scramble almost any type of file so it can pass through firewalls.
  • Firewall Compatibility: Once scrambled, the file can pass through any firewall, no matter how restrictive it may be.
  • Easy to Use: The user interface of Scrambled Eggs is designed to be simple and user-friendly, even for non-technicians.

Scrambled Eggs is an ideal solution for those who frequently face issues getting their files through firewalls. This handy and easy-to-use software can assist users in circumventing firewall restrictions and ensuring the successful delivery of their files to recipients without any hassle.

"Scrambled Eggs" software provides secure and easy transmission of files through any firewall restrictions.
1. Windows operating system with drag-and-drop functionality.
2. Adequate storage space for file processing.
3. Necessary permissions to alter file state.
4. Compatibility with diverse file formats.

Bypasses any firewall regardless of restrictiveness.
Easy drag-and-drop interface for fast file scrambling.
User-friendly design suitable for non-tech savvy individuals.

Scrambling process may slightly alter file quality.
Unscrambling requires the same software on recipient's end.
Scrambled files may raise suspicion in secure systems.