by No-nonsense-software

A Tool for Taking Screenshots on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: No-nonsense-software

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Last revision: Last week

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ScreenGrab is software that allows you to take screenshots on Windows OS. Whenever you want to take an image capture of the contents on your screen, it is a convenient solution for taking screenshots using only a single keyboard shortcut.

ScreenGrab offers essentially the same functionality as the default, built-in 'CTRL + PrtScrn' keyboard shortcut, but with several extra features for added convenience. For instance, instead of merely copying the screenshot to your clipboard which you would then have to manually paste into a folder or another program, ScreenGrab allows you the option to auto-save an image file. You can even set a specifically designated location where you would like the image save, as well as the preferred file format. Not only does this greatly reduces the number of steps needed to take a simple screenshot, but it also places it for you in a predictable place so you always know exactly where your screenshots are.

In addition, ScreenGrab allows for a number of other ease-of-use features that can greatly improve your workflow, such as the ability to decide whether you want to capture a full screen or just a window, and also the ability to designate a custom keyboard shortcut for taking screenshots.

ScreenGrab is easy to install, configure, and use, providing a wealth of various options for making taking screenshots on a Windows OS computer much easier.

Streamlines the process for taking screenshots on a Windows computer and offers customizable settings.

  • Automatically save your screenshots to a folder - no more having to manually paste and save!
  • Select whether you want to take a full screen or window screenshots
  • Designate a folder where your screenshots will always be stored so you conveniently have them all in one place
  • Set a preferred keyboard shortcut for taking screenshots
  • Set your preferred file format for screenshots, as well as several other customizations
I've been looking for a software to help me with screen shots on my PC. I downloaded ScreenGrab for Windows and have been using to save important documents in screen grabs. It's lightweight and easy to use. I can grab the content of the whole page or just a part of it. That's amazing.
I think this is an excellent tool because when something goes wrong with my computer or an app and I am trying to get it fixed, I can screenshot the problem and send it to the person that is trying to fix it. It is very easy to hit the windows key and the print screen key at the same tim and the picture is automatically sent to my pictures folder. I love it.
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