Seal Maker

by Seal Maker Produktions

A creative software tool for logos and stamps

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Seal Maker Produktions

Release: Seal Maker 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Seal Maker is an innovative software tool that creates an official-looking digital company seal or 'rubber' stamp using your own logo or image.  It features allow a tremendous systematic arrangement of control and adjustment. These results can be saved as a BMP file or printed. This program is very unique.  It allows you to create a stamp or seal while building up layers by adding lines, or adding text, or adding images.  Then, after that - - doing all sorts of strange and wonderful things with the final results.


  • 3D displays and simulations of the seals
  • automatic text to path alignment
  • create custom seal images
  • encapsulate frames
  • individually designed logos
  • real stamps effects (splatter or smudge) 

Seal Maker is a free professional logo designing suite that allows you to create Herculean branding, specifically for your business. Create and design your business logo for free using this easy logo maker software tool.  When you are satisfied with the results, just save it on your computer and start branding your company's goods and services.  It's that easy!

Seal Maker allows you to create your own professional business stamps or logos.


Works with All Windows versions



The Seal Maker software which is to make a aligned seal, which is created by the computer. Then we can customize the words or the symbols by the available tools in that software. The software which is used to the seal sign for the office use or personal use of a company. The software gives a smooth design process which we want to create it.
SealMaker is an awesome tool for anyone that wants an official look to your company seal or logo. Create your logo to your satisfaction and make it more official-looking with a water seal or splatter effect. You can save this file to your computer and use it in your computer documents or print it to make your correspondence official. I highly recommend this software for a new or existing business.
This software is good for businesses, it makes it easy for you to create a logo for your brand all for free. Recommend to people starting a business and need a good way to create 3D displays or logos to boost your product/business to the next level. Design your own logo in this free easy tool to your liking great for anyone ready to develop into the next level and advertise their brand in a customizable way.
The best seal making software in town. it has so many features that makes it unique and really easy to use. it can do the text on its own through path alignment. the best part is that it displays 3D displays and simulate the seals. You can customize your seals in any way you want and it does real stamp smudge effect which lets you know how it will look in real.
a good program to make your own digital stamps to send emails with and I really like it. So I usually send a lot of letters to friends, family and paying bills. One day I needed to send a letter to a friend of mine but I ran out of stamps so I looked over and over all across the internet for a way to get a stamp. But then I came across Seal Maker for Windows and I did some research on it and it said I could make my own digital stamp and even logo. I downloaded it and went to work. Once I had finished making my digital stamp, I printed it out put it on my letter and mailed it off. Honestly, you need to download this program it will make your life easier. 5/5
Seal Maker for windows is a must-have product for everything you need to mail, ship and most of all make. You can make your own logo, stamps and can your own image for your brand, company just the way you like. You must download this and try it out and if you don't like it you can always to back to powerpoint, adobe and just using regular stamps. So if you want to get with the current times download Seal Maker for windows and create away. 5/5
It allows to create aligned seal that is designed by computers. It is designed rubber stamp using our own logo or image. It is easy to use and efficient. I used this app, really features and specifications performance is highly working.
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