by Calle Laakkonen

Allows multiple friends or coworkers to draw on the same project together

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Calle Laakkonen

Release: Drawpile 2.1.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software allows people to come together and work on the same project at the same time, which allows the creativity to flow between coworkers and friends. When you're able to do this, you can work with multiple artists at once without having to travel multiple distances in order to collaborate. the unique features that allow you to control your preferred brush settings, set usernames and passwords, and the ability to transfer image files and formats between different programs and various drawing products, will lead to a seamless and unique experience that feels professional and well maintained. 


  • it supports image formats that are compatible with popular image programs like GIMP.
  • You can preset pixel identities with pen softnesses and pressure sensitivity. 
  • User management can be an asset on collaboration projects by allowing you to mute or ban users, lock layers in place, and moderate password protection settings. 
  • You can record the collaboration session to look back on brainstorming techniques for future team building and development strategies. 

this product is meant to be functional for a business setting, while also being fun and witty for friendly encounters between teenage friends and sentiences. This solves any issues distance may pose onto an artistic project or friendly collaboration. Ease of use is a priority that everyone wants to have; with this product, you're going to experience the ease of use that comes with a diverse set of applicable formatting options, the ability to ban individual users, easily report software or interactive bugs. In the end, the best part of using this application is being able to record the entire collaboration and relive the fun, excitement, and productivity or the meeting. With all of these wonderful features, there's no way that any other online drawing platform and compare to the online features and easy to use the design of Drawpile

this software lets people work together at the same time.
  • you can help develop this product and work out bugs by using your c++ skills
  • available for windows 32-bit and windows 64-bit complete download
  • mac download available, but not a complete signed version is operating yet. 
  • unavailable for Linux download. 
Drawpile 0.9.4 (13.11 MB)
Drawpile 0.9.8 (14.35 MB)
Drawpile 1.0.3 (13.71 MB)
Drawpile 1.0.5 (13.71 MB)
Drawpile 1.0.6 (13.82 MB)
Drawpile (13.95 MB)
Drawpile 2.1.4 (15.72 MB)
Drawpile is better used as a source of afternoon entertainment, with everyone drawing together for a laugh. For actual production, it's best to stick to photoshop and GIMPs on an individual client. The coolest feature is the replay option, which allows a recording of the drawing process to unfold in real time while everyone watches. In short, good for a little fun, bad for actual production.
James Hollins
Drawpile is a fantastic open source drawing platform with many updates offered regularly.Drawpile offers a secure drawing experience ranging for up to 30+ users per canvas at a time Wich can offer a storm of ideas & inspiration.It also come highly rated.
Its a software like who can access multiple users sharing the screen. Where we can share our drawing thoughts on the board, also we can use it on pain. The software can access windows, mac , linux platforms.
This looks awesome, I love that you can draw with friends or have different users add on to a picture. Also you can block people, and take the picture back to an earlier stage if you don't like the direction the picture is taking . Overall I think its a cool idea, I haven't really seen any other apps out there like this one in particular.
The draw pile is the best drawing software. We can draw pictures that are very easy. It is too helpful to improve our drawing knowledge. We can adjust the shape of the pencil very easily and accurately. It is one of the best options for this software. this application is available 32 bit and 64 bit.
Drawpile for Windows is an essential tool for all sketches and artists out there. It offers a lot of functionality allowing you to draw and sketch wonderful images, offering a wide range of brushes to use such as pixel pen, soft brush or even watercolour brushes which I found incredible. The final image format is also compatible with many other programs which makes it a must-have.
It's a great little program that allows multiple users to draw and collaborate on a single image or document. Perfect for artists, or for large organizations trying to meld together multiple different ideas from several different departments. Unfortunatly there isnt a mobile version of the app which is rather disappointing.
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