by Skitsanos Inc.

A UML sequence diagram generator

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Skitsanos Inc.

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SEQO is a tool that’s designed to simplify the process of making UML (Unified Modeling Language) sequencing diagrams. To make a program successful, developers need to understand the interaction between different objects in a system. Explaining it through coding or words could be tough and not effective, so UML sequence diagrams are used. These interaction diagrams show how objects operate with one another and in what rank.

However, making these diagrams can be time-consuming when it could be delegated to a software like SEQO. This system was made by Skitsanos Inc. and was released in 2018. Since then, it has been used by hundreds of people to ease the process of creating UML sequencing diagrams. SEQO operates on different Windows versions as well as Apple OS systems, allowing developers to focus more on the complex logic of the system rather than diagram creation.


SEQO generates UML sequence diagrams merely from plain text descriptions
  • Generation of UML sequence diagrams only from simple syntax or text.
  • Export diagrams as PDF documents to facilitate easy printing or sharing.
  • Works on different operating systems.
  • Can make diagrams from simple object interactions for complex system elements.
  • The download file size is only 70.41 MB, eliminating the need for complex hardware setup.
  • SEQO is completely free of charge.

The simplicity of SEQO’s syntax is one of its standout benefits. And even though it’s simple, SEQO does not compromise on the complexity of the diagrams it can make. The simple syntax lets users describe object interaction in normal, day-to-day language. Then the system understands the text through various techniques and responds with an image. You can think of it as a chatbot for UML design.

The image it generates can visually explain the interactions going on in the system – in the time sequence. You can go back and forth until you have obtained the best UML sequence diagram for your system. Then, you can export these diagrams into simple documents that can be shared among team members or used in the program documentation. If you are a developer looking to ease the process of UML designing, SEQO is for you.

Operating system: Apple OSX or Microsoft Windows
Ability to interpret and compile simple text inputs
Export function for diagrams into PDF documents
Capacity to process complex UML diagrams

Facilitates creating UML sequence diagrams from text.
Highly compatible with Apple OSX and Microsoft Windows.
Exports diagrams into PDF for easy sharing.

Lacks compatibility with Linux and other non-mainstream operating systems.
No functionality to import existing diagrams for editing.
Lacks advanced diagramming tools and features.
A versatile catalog creation software used by various businesses.
A versatile software solution that offers the ability to convert any kind of document or even image into PDF files