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A geography teaching software for Windows

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Seterra is a geographical game that teaches the user about anything geographically related. They can learn about oceans, cities, states, providences, country flags, etc. There is a multitude of games to teach the user about geography. This software will help you learn thousands of geography facts in a fun and intuitive way. Downloading Seterra is perfect for grade school students, college students, or anyone looking to learn about geography. It is perfect for school systems on a budget as well!


  • 1,000s of games aimed to teach about geography, from cities to world flags to volcanoes, in a fun and intuitive way!
  • Put together geography quizzes and map quizzes that are intended to test your knowledge and produce a geography IQ. See how you rank against many other users!
  • Learn mode features memory tests, map identification tasks, and other effective learning initiatives, perfect for anyone wanting to brush up on the State capitals, Middle-Eastern countries, world flags, or the many islands that span across the vast oceans of Earth. 
  • You can also add your own custom games that are tuned to exactly what you want to learn about. This feature is perfect for history and geography teachers looking to teach students in a more engaging way. 

Seterra is a cut above the rest when it comes to fun education initiatives. With its smooth and easy to use user interface, competitive and engaging games, and quizzes, and infinite customizability, there is no alternative in the world of geography learning-based computer software. It is a lightweight download and is offered for free for any Windows user that wants to hone their knowledge of geography in any sense. It will record high scores for your games as well, creating a competitive nature in the app. 

It engages the user in a fun and involved way.
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Seterra 4.02.13 (4.22 MB)
I enjoy studying geography and many others do too. Seterra is a geographical game that teaches the user about anything geographically related and will be appreciated by many.
It is a software that helps people learn about geography
Oscar Mundy
i noticed it has options to change the country which is great for a global aspect and any international clients. And the tabs make it easy to navigate through continents.
I love Seterra! I was never really into geography until I traveled to Spain last summer, and that got me aching to go travel abroad again. In the meantime, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the world and found this app online. While it certainly doesn't replace traveling, I do feel like I am learning something new every day. Now when I walk in my neighborhood and see a flag that I otherwise would not have recognized, I can name the exact country! Awesome.
I love geography! I am always looking at maps of places across the world. I think it's very important for people to understand the entire world around them - not just near where they live. It appears there are games for all locations around the world and it certainly seems like it would be fun to try. I have never seen or heard of anything like this software. I looked at the FAQ and it appears to be reasonably priced at a maximum of $10/month and would be a perfect tool for teachers.
Settera is a software that is mostly used in the science and fiction category. It is supported above the users of Windows 98. it was created in 2011. It is a geography-based game, which can be used to learn the maps and geography.
I found this program very interesting and instructive not only for my youngest son but also for me, the interface is very easy to use and geographic data is obtained quickly that probably in a book or in another search you would not find the information that this gives you application in a fast, real and concrete way.
Seterra for Windows is a great geography quiz game. This quiz game can put your knowledge of capital cities, world cities, countries, and flags to test. This game is a good learning aid for teachers in the classroom and a study aid for students. The game is free to download and comes in 9 different languages. The language includes Danish, Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
Seterra for windows simply represents a map quiz game consist of 400 quiz programs and 40 official languages. It is a geography program with almost 70 different exercises. It's easy to find geographical areas.
Seterra is the best geography quiz software you can ever find. It has so many quizzes including flags, countries, cities and many more. the best part is that it is totally free and in different languages as well. it has user friendly interface. the best feature is you can customize the quiz in any way you want, you can never find a free educational software better than this.
Seterra is a FREE game that you can download to windows to learn geography easily. Seterra uses fun quizzes that help you remember where countries, capitals, flags, rivers, lakes and geological feature, like mountain ranges, canyon, etc. It is completable with most windows systems. This is a great program to use when trying to teach children about geography in a fun way.
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