by Frank van Cappelle

StatPlanet programming empowers you to outwardly investigate every one of your information inside a solitary natural

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Frank van Cappelle

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Map choices:

  • Import maps in the normally utilized ESRI Shapefile design (see moreover: free shapefile map downloads).
  • Specially craft your guides in Adobe Animate or Flash, utilizing the included Custom Flash guide release.
  • Add "map focuses" like urban communities, local totals and different focal points, through a simplified connection point.
  • Make corresponding image maps utilizing outside symbols/pictures.
  • Add connects to plan turn over popups (single or double tap), adjustable for every marker.

Chart choices:

  • Extra diagram types:
  • Vertical air pocket diagram, where air pockets can be resized by a subsequent marker.
  • Various marker line outline/time series graph.
  • Various Indicators Stacked Area Chart.
  • Show benchmarks: add a couple of benchmark or target lines in your charts, with adjustable names and mouse-over popups.
  • Show tomahawks units/names.

  • Multi-faceted tables:
  • View information for the entire years/time units for the chosen marker (one pointer, the entire years/time units).
  • View information for all pointers in the chosen classification (different markers, one year/time unit).
  • View information for the entire years/time units and for all pointers in the chosen class (different markers, numerous years/time units).
  • View information for all markers in all classes, for the, chosen map region and year/time unit (all pointers, one year/time unit, one guide region).
  • Channel table by map locale or by chosen map regions.
  • Send out your modified table as a 'CSV' (comma isolated values) document which can be opened in Excel or other bookkeeping sheet programming.

  • Information choices:
  • No marker limit. Arrange pointers through classes and whenever required - sub-classifications and sub-classes.
  • The choice to stack information from a data set powerfully.
  • Divide enormous information records into different more modest information documents to lessen the underlying download size, and possibly load extra information when the client demands it through the drop-down menus.

Meta information:

StatPlanet Desktop comprises of a strong arrangement of devices for consequently bringing in and imagining your information in practically no time
  • Integrate pointer meta information through the storyboard (like the portrayal, source, and computation strategy). Text and pictures can be organized utilizing HTML code. This meta-information can alternatively be stacked from outside html documents.
  • Consolidate map region meta information through map region rollover popups. Then again, it tends to be shown as a scrollable board while tapping on a guide region.
  • Integrate class meta information as a rollover popup while choosing classifications through the drop-down menu.
  • Programmed meta-information bringing in.


Add-on modules:

Different extra elements are accessible through add-on modules.


Worldwide person sets:

Worldwide person sets are accessible on-demand, for example, Arabic or Chinese. If it's not too much trouble, note that text styles are implanted, so they increment the size of the application - for the most part by around 50 to 250 kb.


  • Email criticism symbol: Include a discretionary email symbol with adjustable email address/subject/body to get remarks or input from clients.
  • Interface symbol: duplicate (share) a connection to the as of now chosen marker, chart, and time/year.
  • Search board: the dynamic quest for pointers, with indexed lists refreshing as you type.
  • Sitemap: auto-create a total arranged rundown of connections to all markers in StatPlanet (produces HTML code for implanting in a website page). See model.
  • Insights: show adjustable pointer level measurements (absolute, mean, standard deviation, range).
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