SIW Portable

by Gabriel Topala

A system information tool that tracks information about settings and properties on your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gabriel Topala

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SIW Portable is a small program showing the most detailed information about a computer, its hardware, installed software and all network information. The collected data is displayed in a very accessible form and can be imported into a report file in TXT, HTML, XML or CSV format.

SIW Portable is able to work in batch mode, e.g. by performing hardware inventory or software audit. In addition, the program does not require installation and can work directly from a USB flash drive, floppy disk or a network drive. SIW Portable is free for non-commercial use.

- software inventory (operating system, installed software and hotfixes, processes, services, users, open files, system uptime, installed codecs, software licenses: keys / product serial numbers / CD-Key, recovery passwords;

- Hardware inventory (motherboard, sensors, BIOS, CPU, chipset; PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP devices; memory, graphics card, monitor, disk drives, CD/DVD devices, SCSI devices, S.M.A.R.T. data, ports, printers)

- Network information (network cards, network resources, active network connections, open ports)

- network tools (MAC Address Changer, Neighborhood Scan, Ping, Trace, various network statistics);

- other tools (Eureka!: recover lost passwords hidden behind asterisks, Monitor Test, Shutdown / Restart);

- Real-time monitoring (CPU, memory, used files and pages, and network traffic).

This tool allows me to collect detailed information about the properties and configurations of my system and I can see it in an understandable way thanks to its friendly viewing interface. The data is classified by hardware, software and network, in each category I can see the details of the processor, motherboard, printer, operating system, video, drivers, libraries, shared folders, IP address and network configuration, among others. I also like that it has a speed meter for sending and receiving data, an indicator of the use of processor and memory.
System Information for Windows is an exceptionally useful piece of software for people like me who are obsessed with their hardware. There's a large array of hardware covered from the software such as BIOS, CPU and device drivers which can be used in real-time to monitor the components such as seeing the temperature of the CPU or the amount of memory used for RAM. Lastly, the software displays all this information in an easy to understand manner, making it even better.
SIW Portable for Windows gathers absolutely every information about your system`s settings and properties in virtually the finest of details and displays them to you in a very orderly manner, comprehensive and understandable to you.This windows software can run from either Cloud folder, an external drive or your device`s very own drive. You don`t even need to install it that it may function. a wonderful app for you if you have been having trouble really understanding your windows device.
SIW Portable for Windows is a simple yet effective tool for those of us who have trouble not only finding info about our computer and translating it out of computer jargon, which is a problem I often find. This program basically gathers info about your system and displays it in a way the average, noncomputer savvy person will be able to understand.
SIW (System Information for Windows) is a tool for windows, that helps for knowing details of system properties and settings. It does not require installation in windows, It is highly portable and No physical storage is required for this, It can run in cloud or external devices. It is available in free version, it does not fit to few windows versions such as windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It is available in a paid version from the publisher.
System Information Window which is commonly used in windows application that have been used for portability. Its a portable software. Very good and useful for all.
SIW Portable is an advanced tool for displaying system information in older versions of Windows. With my years as a systems administrator and in desktop support, it's imperative that I can see exactly what I need to diagnose various computer issues. I always install this on my older systems to keep a close eye on them. It's got everything I need at the tip of my fingers!
SIW Portable is a convenient rendition of System Information for Windows, removing gigantic measures of data about your equipment, programming, and organizations and showing it in a natural, simple to-oversee view. Framework data utilities generally don't "do" anything, other than show data about your framework, yet it's difficult to misjudge how helpful and significant they can be the point at which you really want one, which is normally whenever inconvenience has struck. It likewise incorporates an assortment of devices that do valuable things. Since it's compact, it runs without establishment and abandons no follows in the library.
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