by Rainy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rainy

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92030

The Rainmeter is a set of desktop widgets that display detailed information about the system. Thanks to this program you will always be informed about the date, exact time, CPU load, amount of RAM used at the moment, speed of Internet connection and amount of data transferred recently and so on. Some of the widgets even allow you to keep track of the news feed and check the contents of your inbox right on your desktop.

The program supports the change of themes. You can download them for free from the official website. The set of widgets displayed is also free to be chosen by the user at his discretion. Speaking of any desktop decorations, we can not avoid the question of the impact of new interface elements on the overall performance of the system. As for Rainmeter, the program slightly reduces performance only when using Windows XP, on newer versions of the operating system no problems are observed.

- allows you to set up the location and appearance of widgets;

- supports a change of theme;

- In addition to system information, it can also show current weather, latest news and other useful data;

- is very simple and easy to use.

Samuel (unverified)
This widget software sounds very simple and is something I see other software producers already having as part of their programs. Nothing within this product sounds unique or ground-breaking. As a free product, I can see users downloading this program only if they are not already offered anything through a previously installed software.
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