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A cloud-based font-management platform, built for marketers, artists and designers

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Publisher: Monotype Imaging

Release: SkyFonts

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SkyFonts is a free cloud-based font management platform that enables professionals like marketers, graphic artists, web designers and more to browse fonts across the internet and test them in their designs before paying for a download. In the past font, searches could take hours. Designers would search site-by-site trying different sets of keywords until they found a font that might work; then pay for and download and install the font and test it in their design. Often the first font doesn't fit in the way that the designer hoped, and they need to repeat the process again and again until they find the perfect font. Now there is no need to tediously download and test one font at a time; SkyFonts grants professional designers access to hundreds of new fonts all in one platform, cutting costs and saving time. Simply download the SkyFonts app and connect your existing MyFonts or account. Then you can begin testing fonts in any desktop app, as though they were already installed on your machine. Once you find the right font for your concept, downloading the new font is quick and simple; click the install button, and the font of your choice will be instantly purchased and downloaded to your computer. Additionally, some participating fonts sites allow MyFonts and subscribers access to unlimited-download font libraries at no additional cost. These libraries contain hundreds of fonts at no extra charge, download one or download a thousand; they're all part of your membership. 


  • Unlimited installs
  • Cloud-based software for syncing across devices
  • Test any font in any design
  • Download only the fonts you use
  • Install fonts in a single click
  • Get access to unlimited-download font libraries
  • Integrate existing MyFonts and accounts

MyFonts and users, stop wasting hours searching for fonts, only to find that they don't suit your content or brand vision. Connect to the cloud and download the new SkyFonts desktop app and start saving time and money today.

SkyFonts allows users to test any font in their existing design before paying for a download

SkyFonts works with new and existing MyFonts and accounts. The software is supported by Windows 7 and later and on Mac, OSX V10.7 and later. 

SkyFonts (3.43 MB)
SkyFonts (4.88 MB)
nancy thompson
The first thing that stands out about skyfonts is that not only is it free, but it actually works. If you are in marketing, you need skyfonts. It will help with the most tedious task. You'll regret not downloading skyfonts.
Well it's a great Link and it haves good sure instructionsi think they trying to give in into people thoughts and let them knew deals
This software is for saving fonts in the cloud. Through the SkyFonts App installed on your computer, you find the font you want in a font website then click the install button on your favorite site. Skyfonts will then download and activate. The location of the Skyfonts app will be in a default folder. One of the very best things about SkyFonts is that the app is free.
Cooper Koehler
Skyfonts for Windows is a program that looks at the biggest and best font websites, and allows you to easily search and download from them. You can use cool, fun, or professional fonts on your computer without having to deal with a complicated installation system or visiting multiple sites.
SkyFonts for Windows is a utility software that runs on the computer's background and gives one an opportunity to temporarily install desktop fonts. It also allows one to sync the fonts to the other two workstations. It saves one from the hustle of needing to installing or managing multiple font files. The changes on one device simultaneously happen to the other devices saving one time. Try it and experience the hustle free desktop fonts on your devices.
SkyFonts is one of the light weight software application utility which is able to allow desktop fonts in our system.This application software tool which can manage font management with unlimited fonts in our system.This application software tool which can be useful for web designers, marketers and other professionals. This application software tool which is compatible for all types of Windows Operating Systems at most of the cases which are available.
This helps you tryout fonts before you can decide and am loving the fact that SkyFont can sync all the fonts in all my devices and also install for me downloaded fonts.
SkyFonts is a technology for the synchronization of fonts between your desktop and the offerings of some font shops.
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