SlimPDF Reader

A tiny PDF reader that takes up hardly any space on your hard drive, but still allows full functionality

Operating system: Windows

Release: SlimPDF Reader 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SlimPDF Reader is a fast and efficient replacement for Adobe Reader, designed for the minimalist who does not need all the extra tools that Adobe provides. SlimPDF allows the user to perform essential functions such as reading a document, without bogging down the computer with extra editing tools and design interfaces that clog up and slow down resources. For speed, efficiency, convenience, and minimalism, SlimPDF is an exceptional choice and can arguably replace Adobe reader for those who do not need to make use of all the extra tools featured by Adobe.


  • Much smaller than most standard PDF readers, at a mere 1.43MB
  • Simple and clean navigation features
  • Allows for printing, rotating, and reading PDF documents
  • Provides a simple search tool to find words and phrases
  • No complex toolbars and icons to confuse
  • Tools for magnification to provide better viewing

SlimPDF Reader is a very efficient and simple tool for users who merely want to read a PDF file. While it still allows the user to perform simple tasks such as searching for words and phrases, printing, and rotating a PDF, it doesn’t bog down the system and resources with a bunch of unnecessary and unused features. SlimPDF Reader does provide several simple tools such as the magnification tool and rotation tool to allow for better ease of use and reading. It also has the capability to convert a document to a Word document that can be edited, although this requires the download of additional software. It’s not necessary to do this is one doesn’t need to use this feature.

SlimPDF Reader takes up just 1.43MB, making it one of the tiniest PDF readers on the market.

SlimPDF Reader also allows the user to print documents if needed. The menu provides access to simple tools and is highly user-friendly and easy to use. If you don’t need to make annotations or do complex editing of your PDF, then SlimPDF Reader is a very effective option to consider. SlimPDF Reader can be downloaded for free online for Windows.

Lots of dont use 80% of the features on the Adobe reader. we usually use 5-6 key features in it. So instead of spending money on Adobe products, slim pdf reader is the economical way to go and save money. its very user friendly which saves time
SlimPDF is the answer to taking care of most standard user's PDF software needs without all of the bloated, space-hogging, resource-draining requirements of other leading software. Use this to keep your hard drive free of unnecessary software clutter while still being able to perform most PDF related functions.
Dark support is something that I feel that more apps need to do and this PDF reader has one. The GUI is much easier to read and navigate than others like FoxyPDF. It's also very small being only 15mb. It's more than just a read as well as being able to edit PDF files. Being able to convert the PDFs into other various file types is also a plus.
SlimPDF reader is exactly that, it allows you to open and read PDF is a quick and intuitive manner. Well thought out and designed controls allow you to read and view your PDF. I would recommend this to anyone not looking to download Adobe Reader DC. This reader is less of a download and faster to open. Great Product!
the slim pdf reader was the world's smallest pdf reader and it used in opening the pdf documents in the system or in any smartphones.this may helps you in powerpoint presentation in some project allows in all kind of windows and pc.
Finally a lightweight PDF Reader that's easy to install and fast to use. A PDF reader that has a built-in dark mode is a blessing. I stare at my screen all day and something like this really helps me from getting headaches. The UI is snappy and cool to look at without all the hassle of too many buttons clogging up your vision. It really puts viewing important PDFs and documents first.
The SlimPDF Reader for Windows is a perfect PDF viewer software for system users that only need to work with PDF formatted documents. The application actually doesn't have an advanced tool but it works perfectly for opening and reading PDF documents on the computer, also it doesn't have full-featured documentation as other PDF viewers but it is clean, nice, and has a perfect interface design for basic PDF handling
The SlimPDF reader for windows gave me an experience of a lifetime at my first time downloading and using it. It seems to not require high storage memory so I believe it could work very well on old windows and Mac OS well.I am not too happy about their interface but it can get the job done especially its search tool that helps to retrieve stored documents faster. I like the full-size view and their rotation feature.
Kyle B*****g
SlimPDF Reader is a free, fast, and lightweight PDF reader for Windows that allows users to view, print, and convert PDF files. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to open and view PDF files, even those with large file sizes. It also includes advanced features such as search, text selection, and bookmarks for navigating through your PDF documents quickly and easily.
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