Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste

by Zbrainsoft

Allows people to have their words be read out by a computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zbrainsoft

Release: Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste 2.2.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste is a computer program developed by Zbrainsoft, which allows users to have the program speak the words they type.  The utilities of such a program are endless and can be used by anyone. It can help people with speech disabilities be heard in a more natural way; people whose main language isn't English could also benefit from Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste. Even people who just don't like their voice can use Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste to make video content such as youtube videos, and the program could be used to help them succeed in their goals. With a user-friendly UI that allows for shortcuts to be assigned and pre-written phrases to be assigned to said shortcuts, users will see that Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste is easy and convenient to use!

For people that have a lot of data entry in their everyday life, the Paste function of Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste can vastly improve the speed in which they can put data in. With the ability to have both Paste and Talk be shortcutted to the same phrases, it allows for easy navigation for both features.

Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste are only 4.45$, and Zbrainsoft also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. A fully-functional trial of Smart Auto Typer Talker is also offered from Zbrainsoft with a 5-hour test limit to try it out. Smart Auto Typer Talker is also covered by the EULA.

For people that don't want their voices heard in videos such as YouTube

  • Shortcut keys allow for easy Talk and Paste functions as any key can be made a shortcut allowing flexibility for all users.
  • Comments allow you to leave messages on your phrases to help tell the difference between similar phrases, which allows for easier use of the program.
  • Time delay lets you set the speeds in which Auto Talk will talk, and the Auto Typer will type. Auto Paste does not have a time delay as it is disabled.
  • Typecase lets you decide if punctuation is important to your paste or talker. By simply checking the correct corresponding box, you can have your messages be read or pasted with capital letters, without capital letters or just how you type it.
  • The ability to use both paste, typer, and talker at the same time without having to switch between functions in the program itself once shortcuts and phrases have been set.
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