by Peter Skarin

Helps users locate URLs of audio files on the internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter Skarin

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Snooper is a small audio spy for a PC. The program is designed to record sounds that are captured by the microphone connected to the PC. Very useful software for the category of people who want to know what people are talking about indoors while you are away, as well as all the sounds that are published near your workplace. A microphone spy works covertly. Snooper in Write mode is not displayed in the Tray, not visible in the list of processes in Windows Task Manager. The program records all the sounds detected by the microphone during the user's absence. As long as the microphone does not capture sounds, the spy is asleep.

Everything eavesdropped is saved to an mp3 audio file. On the recorded file, the utility makes marks about the time of recording the captured sounds. As soon as the program completes the set volume of listening, the result (in the form of mp3 track) will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The program is intuitive for everyone. There is a trigger that adjusts the microphone sensitivity and four audio recording modes. There is a standard/normal recording mode (for some time the program records to a file everything that fixes or does not fix a microphone), a mode of dictating, a mode of activation by sound (recording is switched on only if the microphone captures sound) and a test mode (without recording sound). There is a mode of suppression of permanent extraneous noise. The program includes the functions of the task scheduler and the schedule of scenario execution. This software is compatible with 32/64 bit Windows operating systems.

- 4 recording modes;

- the noise reduction function;

- activation of voice recording;

- task scheduler and schedule;

- the program is not displayed in the Tray and Task Manager;

- automatic sending of the eavesdropped person by e-mail.

Snooper 1.37.3 (1.58 MB)
Snooper 1.39.9 (6.64 MB)
Snooper 1.40.1 (6.89 MB)
Snooper 1.43.1 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.43.3 (7.25 MB)
Snooper 1.44.3 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.44.4 (7.27 MB)
Snooper 1.44.5 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.44.6 (7.45 MB)
Snooper 1.45.1 (7.48 MB)
I do not like this product because I think it is a violation of privacy. I don't agree with this product at all.
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