Song Surgeon

by SongSurgeon

Slow Down Audio as Well As a Multitude of Other Features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SongSurgeon

Release: Song Surgeon 5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A great choice for both learners and teachers. Used in over 120 different countries around the world, this useful software has stood the test of time. Has many different applications and is easy to use. A must-have tool for any musician, whether amateur or professional. 


  • Useful for many different things, such as Music Practice, Exercise Classes, for DJ's, Karaoke, Music Production, and more
  • The program can be used to learn a music track much faster. Because it can be slowed down up to 641 percent, you can more easily go over and practice a song without getting overwhelmed by the speed.
  • You can strip the audio away from a video file and open the audio itself in Song Surgeon
  • A robust EQ system with 31, yes, 31 additional bands allows you to fine-tune exactly which part of the track you wish to focus on.

Whatever skill level you have in music, if you need a program to help you slow down your musical track, this is a sure fire way to do that in a way that is both simple and approachable. This is a very popular program and that is the case for a reason. As soon as you try this program for yourself, you will see what everyone is raving about.

Works with 37 different instruments
  • Windows XP or higher operating system
  • 2.0 ghz processor 
  • 4 gb RAM minimum, 8 gb or more recommended
  • 200 mb of hard drive space (for installation)
  • Resolution of 1024x768
Jos Thomas
Song Surgeon is a powerful piece of software, there’s no doubt about it. The presets on the Tempo and Pitch sections are incredibly handy, and the layout is intuitive and easy to learn, and the sound quality is great. Creating easy-to-work-with loops is child's play.
SongSurgeon's software is unnecessary for mac users. GarageBand by default on Mac OS/iOS and Logicpro are well respected products in the space. LogicPro's UI is extremely fluid and incorporates excess amount features. Without more pictures of the UI and list of advantages over these two products makes SongSurgeon a difficult use case.
Song Surgeon is great for all musicians! Any student or teacher would find this helpful. It has so many built-in detections whether its key, automatic or chord so you can automatically get the tempo of a song. All the information is displayed right there for you.
Song Surgeon is an interesting software for music lovers, DJ's, or for those who can play music, to further understand the inner workings of a song. With a wealth of robust features,such as , chord detection, audio stripping, and the speeding up and slowing down of any song, as well as 31 band equalizer, not to mention simple automation, transposing, and isolation of audio segments. Song Surgeon sets itself apart as software that does it’s job in a category that few music software programs have tried to do.
As a songwriter I used to have trouble with transposing my songs to other keys, for singers who couldn't quite sing in the key of the song as how I wrote it, this proved to be incredibly disabling for my business. But when I discovered song surgeon for windows all my previous hardships with singers become instantly simple, and with one click of a button I was able to change the keys for singers, and now I can audition multiple singers for different keys in just one click! It also has a function to slow down songs tempo, among many others that are very useful in my profession. A must have for serious songwriters.
This software seems really great at first glance for music enthusiasts. It says that you will have the ability to change audio key and tempo which are both two very crucial features I think any good audio software program would require in order to be efficient and effective. It says it has been sold in more than 130 countries in the world which makes me think it is safe and trustworthy. Excellent piece of software in my opinion.
Song Surgeon is a very useful thing to the musicians and the people have the music interest. it's a tremble thing i used this device for over a long period of time. it can derive the audio from the video. doing a magical thing in the music stereo. we can be able to create more new tracks by this song surgeon. it has multiple audio facilities. it works really well for me and hope you all like it.
This program is great for Music Song writers of all types. It simply gives you info as to the beat, tempo and key of any given song. Highly recommended.
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