by Walasoft

A great karaoke player that lets you sing along with your favorite song just like the professionals!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Walasoft

Release: Walaoke 2.20

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Walaoke a very easy to use yet feature heavy karaoke machine that runs right on your computer! Walaoke can play any sort of media file you want it to so you can make a karaoke version of any song that you have! Or you can even make fun karaoke games out of other videos!

It will display the lyrics to be sung on top of the video file. If you're using an external monitor of some sort it will display the lyrics there. This creates a very easy sing-along method! There's lots of built-in customization so you can select a fun font, text size, text color, even shadows among many other features! All lyrics can be displayed the same or different genders can have lyrics displayed differently.

For extra fun, Walaoke comes with a built-in voice synthesizer for both male and female voice. So you can listen to Walaoke singing to itself which is fun for everyone! Listening to Walaoke sing would be a great way for you to get some extra practice in a duet song if no one else is available or just to train yourself to be a better singer in general!

You can create your own lyric files to be displayed over any video. So if you have your own custom version of a song you can have those lyrics displayed so you would be able to sing your version and get all of your friends to sing your version as well.

Walaoke is a great program that can run on any Windows computer. You can use it as a home or in a more professional setting if you need a karaoke machine for an event. It can handle input from multiple microphones as necessary. All of the functionality is absolutely free! So if you're even thinking about setting up a karaoke event take a look at this absolutely free program and think about how much it would be able to help you!

Walaoke is fully customizable and allows you to choose your songs as well as effects!
Walaoke is a simple to use yet feature heavy and diverse karaoke machine that runs on your PC. Allows you to play any soft of media file to create your karaoke. Has numerous built-in customization such as fun font, text size, text color, or even different style displays for different genders.
I suggest you should go with the Walaoke program for Windows over other alternatives. It is a great little karaoke player for your desktop/laptop and has a fun video display for all the songs! You can even replace the song's original videos with your own- great for really adding a customized touch to your karaoke night! My friends love it!
Karaoke software is available as freeware. It has a feature that enables one's video to be played on the screen while singing karaoke. It also supports multiple formats of audio file.
The size of the software is very small compared to other software. But the user interface of the software is very poor and the installation process is very easy compared to other and also show overlay mixer error. And to improve the additional feature for the best user experience.
If what you are looking for has anything to do with karaoke, If you are considering karaoke for any reason, personal or professional, big or small, I would definitely recommend Walaoke karaoke player for your pc. I haven’t found a format yet that it will not play, not one! And the best part is, you can input any song from your media to be made into a karaoke song. Even songs that you have changed the lyrics to so that it's you're very own version. Walaoke automatically displays the words in customizable fonts for any media you choose. If what you are looking for has anything to do with karaoke, I don’t think you can go wrong with Waloake!
I like this is in karaoke category. I can use own video or a live camera for use as background. It is simple to use yet heavy machine runs on PC.
Our software library offers Walaoke 3.5 which can be downloaded free of charge. Notice that it is compatible with the following OSs. The most popular version of this software are 3.5 2.2 and 2.3. The downloadable has been scanned built in the antivirus system, the analysis shows that Wolaoke is safe. Wolaoke is very easy-to-use feature heavy karaoke machine that run right your computer. It will display the lyrics to be sung on top of the video file. For extra fun, Wolaoke comes with a built in voice synthesizer foe both male and female voice.You can create your own lyrics files to displayedover any video.
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