Bass Treble Booster

Boosts or cuts sound frequencies of your songs to enhance your listening experience

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The Base Treble Booster software will enable the user to adjust the frequencies of their audio files by either boosting or cutting treble or bass ranges to enhance the listening experience of music.  The Base Treble Booster software will also allow the user to convert any audio to into the following formats:  .wav; mp3; or flac and many more.  The Base Treble Booster software does not take up a lot of room on your device of choice, but the Base Treble Booster software is a very powerful tool and useful tool for batch converting and so much more.


  • Base Treble Booster software will support a large and broad range of audio files and formats;
  • Base Treble Booster software will integrate an equalizer that has various presets for ease of use;
  • Base Treble Booster software will convert audio to many different formats;
  • Base Treble Booster software is a lightweight product, meaning it doesn't take up much space on your device

In conclusion, the Base Treble Booster software is a powerful tool which will enable you to enhance your audio file listening experience by boosting treble or boosting bass and by lowering bass or lowering treble.  The Base Treble Booster software will boost the energy of an audio file.  The Base Treble Booster software will increase the volume of an audio file.  The Base Treble Booster software will integrate an equalizer.  The Base Treble Booster software will batch convert your audio files.  The Base Treble Booster software will convert your audio files into many formats, including .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .wma and many, many more formats all in an effort to boost and enhance the quality and richness of your listening experience.  Best of all, the Base Treble Booster software is available through many reputable web sites as a freeware software download. 

Doesn't use a lot of memory, but is very powerful.
John Osborn
The Bass Treble Booster is a great tool to adjust the quality of your music to your liking. By altering certain frequencies in your personal audio files, this product gives you the freedom to raise or lower either the bass or treble levels to enhance your listening pleasure.
This bass treble frequency editor is very convenient to use for Windows because it is a wonderful product that gets used by people who want to modify their audio settings on their computers. I would recommend this product or service to anyone because it seems like a product or service that seems very helpful in a day to day basis
This software has certainly improved the quality of audio my PC can produce. It is customizable and allows you to convert files so you don't suffer quality loss (which is truly a godsend!) and has a myriad of formats you can convert to. My favourite feature is the bass treble booster which has a wide range of frequencies to really hone in on the audiophile experience you want. 10/10
Bass Treble Booster is great for modifying music sounds on my computer. I don't always have my bass on hand when I come up with a cool idea, but this software lets me boost the sound and add details to my music that I wouldn't otherwise have. Even if I do have my bass on hand, this software gives a depth that is not otherwise possible without a program. I really enjoy this software. Plus, it's easy to use.
This software is awesome. It's lightweight, fast, and very useful. It contains a variety of tools that you can use to maximize your device's sound card and get the most optimal experience from your device.
When I was younger, the kids used to add a "power booster" to their car stereos. You'd press a button and BOOM! instant loudness. That's exactly what this does, except for your computer. It does just what it says, it boosts the highs and the lows of whatever you are playing, making everything seem louder and more visceral. Just like some "Beats" headphones. Great for today's music and games, it's a quick way to give yourself an auditory upgrade.
THE BASS IS SO GOOD. Get it now while it's a free trial version! This product makes it so easy to modify your sound even if you know NOTHING and are a total beginner. There are not as many equalizers as there would be if this were paid software, but for someone who just wants to get their hands on a good tool and start learning, this is the tool for you.
Love the Bass Treble Booster for Windows. I was able to convert a ton of music to MP3's without the normal quality loss you would experience. It has 15 different frequency settings and is really user friendly. Highly recommend to anyone looking to boost your audio.
Bass Treble Booster is a program that helps me modify my audio files to my exact liking, so I can customize the sounds that I produce and create a track that is more unique to my musical taste. Its audio editing tools are expansive and the program's output is just about as professional as you can get.
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