by Uderzo Umberto

A computer disk space analyser that uses a treemap to visualise disk usage

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Uderzo Umberto

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Have you ever noticed how quickly the hard disk space runs out when you use your computer intensively? Then you also know how hard it is to find folders that "eat" the most space. To do this, you have to review the entire structure of the partition and "measure" the volume of each of them. So, the SpaceSniffer program is designed to save you from this painstaking work. The application will analyze all the directories and files by itself and will find the largest ones.

The most interesting feature and key difference from analogues is the unusual interface of the program. In general, it consists of one window, in which as the analysis appears multicolored squares of different sizes. It is not difficult to guess that these squares represent the folders located in the selected partition of the hard disk. The bigger the square, the bigger the directory itself and vice versa. In addition, SpaceSniffer allows you to delete, copy, sort and organize all the data you find.

- The program is very simple and easy to use;

- allows you to perform a variety of actions on the found folders;

- has an interesting, unusual interface;

- offers the user the possibility of customizing the appearance.

The SpaceSniffer program offers an easy way to determine which folders on your hard drive are consuming the most space. Instead of going to every folder, and subfolder on your computer, you can run SpaceSniffer. It will display a different colored and different sized square for each folder. The colored squares indicate the size of the different folders and directories on your hard drive.
SpaceSniffer is a free software to download onto your computer to scan files on your Windows PC. SpaceSniffer is a safe and reliable software for both personal and professionals. SpaceSniffer can be used by business Administrators to do a quick check on what is loaded onto company computer drives and determine how much space is available. SpaceSniffer is currently only available on Windows and not on Mac.
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