by Spline, Inc.

Spline is a software application for creating, editing, and animating 3D splines and objects.

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Publisher: Spline, Inc.

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Spline Software

Spline Software is a powerful and versatile tool for managing and analyzing data in an array of formats. It enables users to manipulate and visualize data in a number of ways, making it an ideal choice for businesses or scientific research organizations. With Spline Software, users can easily explore, analyze, and visualize their data with powerful tools that enable them to quickly identify trends and patterns.


1. Data Manipulation: Spline Software allows users to easily manipulate and analyze their data. It includes a range of features for managing, sorting, filtering, and cleaning data. It also allows users to merge and split data sets and export the results in a number of formats.

2. Data Visualization: Spline Software includes a variety of tools for creating charts and graphs from data. It supports a range of chart types, including line, bar, pie, and scatter plots, as well as 3D diagrams and maps. It also provides a range of customization options to adjust the look and feel of the charts.

3. Statistical Analysis: Spline Software provides users with powerful tools for performing statistical analysis on data. It supports a range of tests, including t-tests, ANOVA, regression, and more. It also provides a range of features for exploring correlations between variables and visualizing the results.

4. Machine Learning: Spline Software provides a range of features for building and training machine learning models. It supports a range of algorithms, including linear and logistic regression, decision trees, support vector machines, and more. It also includes a range of tools for evaluating the performance of the models.

5. Data Mining: Spline Software includes a range of features for mining data from a variety of sources. It supports a range of techniques, such as clustering, association rule mining, and text mining. It also includes a range of tools for visualizing the results of the data mining process.

6. Data Integration: Spline Software provides a range of tools for integrating data from different sources. It supports a range of formats, including CSV, Excel, and JSON, as well as popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. It also includes a range of features for transforming and normalizing data.

7. Collaboration: Spline Software includes a range of features for collaboration and sharing. It supports a range of features for working with colleagues, such as sharing data sets and collaborating on projects. It also supports a range of features for sharing and publishing results, such as exporting data to web services and creating dashboards.
In order to use Spline software, users must have a computer with either a Windows or Mac operating system. The computer should have at least 8GB of RAM and a processor with a minimum clock speed of 2GHz. Additionally, the computer should have a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB of memory and support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher. Finally, the computer should have an active internet connection for downloading the software and product updates.
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Robert M.

I have used Spline software for a few months and am overall pleased with the product. It is fairly intuitive and easy to use. The features are comprehensive and work well. The customer service team is also excellent - they are very responsive and helpful. The software also integrates nicely with other tools I use and provides helpful analytics. On the downside, the interface could be a bit more user-friendly and the support documentation could be improved. Overall, I am pleased with my experience so far with Spline.
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Samuel Vandamme

I found Spline software to be really helpfull in managing my project, especially the feature that alows you to quickly share files and collaborate with team mates, it realy sped up the whole process.
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