by Alexander E. Zavalishin

A program for windows thats for space mapping

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alexander E. Zavalishin

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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StarCalc is a compact planetarium program that provides the opportunity to explore the starry sky and the location of objects on specific dates and from a particular angle. You will be able to see the entire celestial hemisphere or increase any part of it arbitrarily. The program's capabilities include not only zooming in and out, but also zooming in and out, and you can rotate the image at different angles, save it on disk, and even print it out if necessary. This program provides you with several interfaces, such as Horizon, Horizontal Grid, Equatorial Grid, Constellation Boundaries, Constellation Lines, Constellation Names, Own Star Names, Bright Star Catalogue, Galaxies, Nebulae, Cluster Names, Sun, Moon, and Planets and Satellites. StarCalc has a simple and accessible interface, most of the operations are performed with the help of "mouse" or "hot keys".

Product appears somewhat valuables. The night sky is at your fingertips and can be rotated and altered. Zooming in and out is emphasized as well as viewing the sky according to viewing location. All in all it is pretty enjoyable software.
StarCalc is a powerful, free program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Science & education software with subcategory Astronomy
Oscar R.
StarCalc is an educational software package designed to help students learn the basics of astronomy. The software includes interactive tutorials, an interactive star chart, a simulated telescope, and a 3D simulation of the night sky. It also includes quizzes and other activities to help students practice and review what they have learned.
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