Startup Delayer

by R2 Studios

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: R2 Studios

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42429

Startup Delayer is a great program to speed up your computer's boot process. Loading is accelerated by delaying the loading of programs that are loaded at the start of Windows. First, the computer boots up as quickly as possible, and then, while running, when the computer is in a quieter state (less loaded) Startup Delayer starts downloading programs from the autorun. This guarantees a faster start of Windows, but does not force you to clean up the autorun list.

If you look at the Windows boot process in more detail, you will see the following After the operating system has loaded the files, it tries to load all the programs from the autorun. When the program is large, each of them tries to get more processor time, and because of this a queue is formed. Startup Delayer gives more order to this chaos, giving more time to download programs.

Ethan (unverified)
Who doesnt like speed ? Today when the quote "time is money",is a reality,often you see a delay in starting your computer/laptop etc.I didnt know there was an app that would make me stating my laptop much faster.its an smooth,doesnt mess with your computer files it just starts up the computer and loads the files later so you can get your desktop up and running, while saving your time.
Charlie (unverified)
This has giving me back a lot more control of my computer. Now I can manage and optimise the start up process to run much more efficiently and more importantly faster, and with less annoyances. I'm very happy so far. Ten out of Ten for Startup Delayer.
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