Kerish Doctor 2017

by Kerish Products

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kerish Products

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42441

Kerish Doctor is a package designed to diagnose and optimize system performance and troubleshoot various issues. The program allows you to carry out a system status study and troubleshoot existing problems and failures. Diagnostic components include drivers, codecs, fonts, programs, extensions, etc. Kerish Doctor can also clean the hard drive from a variety of garbage data without affecting the files you really need. In addition, the program allows you to adjust Windows performance to the maximum level, optimize virtual memory and speed of Internet connection. Kerish Doctor has a built-in database of common Windows vulnerabilities, can detect and eliminate them, not only increasing the overall level of computer security, but also removing a number of malicious and spyware.

Oliver (unverified)
This program seems like a good all-in-one to optimize your system and to keep it running smoothly. It has several more features than what you can accomplish with Windows OS on its own, the amount of features it has makes it look to have the capability of several different programs.
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