by OpenCloner Inc.

A stream download program that converts videos to files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OpenCloner Inc.

Release: Stream-Cloner 2.50

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Stream-Cloner has to be one of the coolest programs I've ever downloaded. It's so versatile. It's insane. I can download nearly anything and everything I want with it. It downloads everything from YouTube to Netflix. I can record almost anything playing on the PC with it. I'm someone who likes to save videos that I come across and enjoy, so this software was made for me. I would always end up forgetting or losing videos that I'd want to remember, and now I can literally just instantly download them straight to my computer. They are forever with me now. Instead of bookmarking pages, I have a strong new powerful tool at my exposal. I recently went on a long plane ride that had no internet access, so I decided to download some videos from Facebook with it so I could watch them on the go. They all turned out perfectly and played without any issues. It was really cool to see the passengers next to me question how I was watching these Facebook videos. They asked me if I had some kind of secret Wi-Fi passcode! 

The system's interface is straightforward and simple to use when you need to download stuff. It supports multiple audio and video formats. You aren't forced to choose one. It also has a 1 click download feature, so you don't have to go through a ton of options in order to download something. It's quick and easy. You can add categories for stuff you've downloaded, so it doesn't get all cluttered. I have nearly 7 hours' worth of Youtube videos downloaded and have categorized them all. It's nice to have an archive of these videos because you never know when your favorite YouTuber will take a video down! The software also has a built-in video playback player so that you can see what you've captured easily. If the application can't download the video you want, it has a feature to capture and record it. It covers all bases for online video entertainment.

If you're someone who needs to download videos from the internet, this is what you need. I can't tell you how many times I've used this thing in the past month. From the huge amount of features it has, Stream-Clone feels like the superior video downloading the program to me. 

Helps you convert your favorite streaming platform videos and downloads them

  • Hotkey feature 
  • Automatic retry tool
  • Simple interface 
  • Manual categories 
  • Multiple task converter
Stream-Cloner will let you download any kind of media content you want, including online movies, videos, or photos. You can obtain this content directly from the Internet. After downloading these files, you'll be able to store them on your device. Moreover, Stream-Cloner can then transform the files into other formats that will be supported by the most common types of media players.
This software is very powerful. Requirements are too high. I has other good software instead. But it's totally free, that's a good thing.
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