Subtitle Player

by carsonip

Put and play subtitles when you want to watch movies

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: carsonip

Release: Subtitle Player 1.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With this great player, subtitles can be represented independently of the software that is the video, since it can be a local program or the browser, which makes it possible for us to enjoy the movies and to understand everything that it says.

This application has many independent public services that can be trusted, which, unlike others, cannot be obtained. This application only supports files that are of SRT format.


This application only supports files that are of SRT format.
  • It has a very remarkable aspect of the application, is that it does not need to be installed on the computer to work correctly.
  • A great additional advantage is that the subtitle player manages to run from any type of device that is removable memory, such as USB Memories, and leaves no trace of the host record.
  • Execute and render SRT subtitles without relying on the media player.
  • It allows loading any file manually by scanning our computer and loading it in the Subtitles player or dragging and dropping it in the main window.
  • It is a great tool very functional and is too easy to use when playing subtitles that are in SRT format.
  • It is very light and also has a very minimal impact on the resources found in the computer system.
  • It allows seeing movies that contain subtitles, even when a subtitle is not available in the site that we have preferably also allowed you to customize the appearance without much effort.

Many times people see films that are not in the native language of the person, which in many cases causes a bit of confusion when it comes to an understanding each of the words that can be presented in the film, for that reason it can be noted that this is a great application because it allows you to reprimand each of the words without causing any confusion when reading and watching the movie

It can run on all Windows operating systems from XP to 10.

Sean Thompson
This subtitle maker and player allows you to make subtitles for video, independent of the subtitle track existing for the film or show. It's great because it makes creating subtitles easy, as long as you have a device with enough memory to run it.
Tyler Calkins
This has helped me a ton as my hearing is not great and I stream a lot of videos online that dont offer subtitles. It was pretty easy to use and worked with almost all videos I needed to use it for. It was 90% accurate which is better than most subtitles that are provided anyway. Best software out there for this sort of thing.
Subtitle Player is a nice solution for sites that don't contain any subtitles by itself. As long as you have the subtitle file of the video you want to watch, you can load it into the software and play it on top of the video, to watch it with subtitles. This is great for those who usually watch videos in places that don't provide subtitles but where they can be found separately elsewhere.
This software supports multiple encoding subtitles and it has drag and drop capabilities. It really suited my needs for creating subtitles for my marketing videos. I suggest you check this software out because it's really the easiest and most efficient way to create subtitles. I think if you have marketing videos, even training videos, or safety videos for internal business, you really need subtitles to be able to ensure your employees understand.
Penguin Subtitle Player is awesome! Not only is it cross-platform and open source, but it's also unobtrusive and easy to use. Just open a streaming site you like and enjoy. You do have to find the subtitle file, and stick it in the player. I found that confusing at first, but it's easy to learn.
Subtitle Player for Windows could surpass all given expectations. New people will want to give that a chance in real time too. It will provide some subtitles to any given video clip. Some foreign language clips will need that kind of program for the user. Users can customize the program with their Windows PC model too.
This is a very effective application. I would say it was 95% accurate overall. One of the nicest features is the subtitle player can run from almost any removable storage device which is super helpful. The player doesn't allocate a ton of resources so it doesn't affect the speed of your computer. Overall, this is a fully functional and easily used subtitle player!
I often watch videos throughout the day without any sound as not to disturb others around me. This software has been a lifesaver for that purpose. I can now watch my videos and have a caption of the audio. I love the customization of the subtitles available with the software and I appreciate that it is open-source.
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