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An image viewer + photo tweaker

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ESTsoft

Release : ALSee

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ALSee is a great answer to the lackluster photo viewers that come stock in operating systems. There are many options out there for photo viewers, but when it comes to one that is reliable and has a decent amount of features, ALSee is the top among all the options. In addition to being a very comprehensive and dependable image viewer, it also can edit images as well! You can alter the colors of the image, crop the photos as you see fit, rotate them in all sorts of orientations, and straighten the image. It also has options for you to edit text (such as speech bubbles!) and get rid of red-eye effects in the people in the photo! Each of the editing options also has an array of methods to change how the effect is applied as well, giving you very granular control over how the final product of your image turns out. Changing things on the fly and reverting them is a simple process, allowing you to make just the right touch of changes for the effect you are looking for. 

One of the most useful options, one that isn't available in any standard image viewer that is built into an operating system, is the ability to edit EXIF data. It enables you to manage sensor information, GPS location, and other sensitive information that you might not want to be attached to an image. With ALSee, you can edit and review that information as you see fit, getting rid of sensitive location information altogether, or even applying copyright to your finished product. 

There are even options for you to watch the images as a slideshow, which operates a whole lot better than the slideshows in stock image viewers that come with operating systems out of the box. 

Advanced control of images allows you to tweak how the photos look and make a better overall image.

All the changes you make can also be reverted to the defaults in case you make a mistake. 

If you are looking for a more advanced image viewer that offers some basic image editing options, ALSee is the right tool for you.

ALSee 5.3 Beta 1 (17.52 MB)
ALSee 6.22 (19.89 MB)
ALSee (20.15 MB)
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Erin Sing

Get perfect pictures every time with ALSee! Not only can you view your photos but you can make adjustments to them so that they look exactly as you want them too. Avoid dull photos, crop out unnecessary parts, eliminate red eye and more! This program has more features than the programs that come built into your computer. You can have great photos in no time!
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It is good to hear that there is a better option for the stock photo editors that come with operating systems. I like the option that allows you to rotate the images easy. I take alot of pictures of labels with the iphone and then upload them to the computer and paste them into documents. Depending on how you take the picture, the orientation can be turned sideways or upside down. Rotating the pictures easily and quickly would be a plus!
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As a professional photographer, ALSee lets me organize all of my photos and pictures. This is my go-to tool to organize my business! I use the tool to add effects or edit the properties of all of my photos, either per picture or many at once (bulk jobs). I'm not a computer wizard by any means but I find the user interface extremely easy to use. It doesn't matter if I am simply resizing a bulk file of photos, or calibrating the brightness/sharpness of my pictures; the process is simple within ALSee. I've also created beautiful slide shows with music for my clients which adds a nice touch. I frequently do this for wedding photography projects, set to the couple's MP3 song. So far, this tool has been able to accommodate every single file format I have come across.
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Theo Wilkins

ALSEE for Windows is a software is high end fun photo viewer and editor. The software is an easy to used program to perform several changes to a picture; such as, adjust the color, crop and to add text. The software also works a viewer where the customer can view the picture or even set up the picture as a wallpaper. The best part is that the customer can convert the pictures to a different format or size.
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AlSee for Windows is a quick and easy way to access and use pictures. AlSee is a good tool to use for beginners and experts as well. It gives you the ability to organize, edit, and process and supports a variety of image and file formats. You also have the ability to make desktop wallpapers and convert files into different formats.
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This app allows you to view and edit photos with ease. You can crop, color correct, and add text to any photo. The best part is that you can later make these photos a part of your wallpaper. This works well if you are a beginner, or even if you are an expert at photo editing. The easy to navigate tools make editing effortless.
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ALSee is a top candidate in the photo viewing category. One of the best parts of this software is how user-friendly it is. While simple, the interface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Not only does this software provide a great way to view individual photos, but it also easily allows you to view all photos in a slideshow. On top of being a great photo viewing software, it is also a photo editor!! You can change the colors on your picture, crop/straighten it, and even add speech bubbles and stamps! I have nothing negative to say about ALSee as a photo viewing software!
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AlSee for Windows is a photo viewer software that can be used by everyone. It is very easy to operate and provides a simple solution for editing your photos as well. Using this software, someone can change picture size, crop, and add text, icons, and funny stickers. The software can also be used to change the format of an image file without facing any problem.
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ALSee is a fantastic alternative to the mediocre picture viewers that are included with most operating systems. You have the ability to change the colors of the picture, crop the photographs to your liking, rotate them in any direction, and straighten the image. In addition, it provides tools for editing text (such as speech bubbles!) and removing red-eye affects from individuals in the photograph!
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This software was very easy to use. Compared to other software, this software had unique features. I used this software to view my images. The features of this software were great to use.
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The versatility of viewing in various modes is the best character of tool. Software is too heavy ad takes time to load a picture than windows picture viewer. it sets itself as a default viewer all the time, makes irritating when set to view pictures in windows picture viewer.Allows ease of putting in captions. It is somewhat complicated to use and lacking features available in other free picture editing programs. it is free and spyware free. A perfect converter, simple and useful.
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ALSee is an excellent software to view images or photos. It is simple, yet unexpectedly a great image viewer. With this application, one can view an image in full screen just by double-clicking the image or play them as a slideshow. It allows converting the photos/images to different formats, re-size or crop them and also set them as wallpaper, directly from within the application. It also has other image editing options, such as, adjust colors, sharpen images, remove red-eyes, add text or speech bubbles and more. It may not be as comprehensive as other photo viewer applications, but it is one of the best, as it super simple to use.
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Ethan P.

ALSee (Advanced Launch Software) is a free image viewer, photo editor and image organizer. It provides users with a range of features for managing, editing, and organizing their images and photos. Features include batch renaming, lossless JPEG rotation, image resizing, red-eye removal, cropping, and color adjustments. ALSee also offers several effects to enhance images, such as sepia, invert, blur, sharpen, and saturation. Additionally, it can create slideshows, burn images to CD, and share photos on social networks.
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Matthew N.

ALSee software is quite useful in quickly editing and organizing photos. It has a very easy to use interface, making it ideal for beginner photographers. I've found it to be quite efficient when dealing with large numbers of photos. It also has a range of editing options, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and easily. The software is also useful for converting images to different file types. The cropping tool is simple to use and offers a great deal of flexibility. It also includes a few basic photo effects which are easy to apply. The software is reasonably priced and offers good value for money.
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