Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder

by Jaksta Technologies

Download all video formats including YouTube

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jaksta Technologies

Release: Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This streaming media recorder for Windows is a helpful tool that anyone can use. What is amazing about these resources is that it can download all video formats such as the famous YouTube, where you can make a playlist of all of your favorite channels. It even downloads up to one minute of live streams so you can be updated on the newest things.

When downloading this streaming source, you get automatically get the latest unrestricted version when every update requires to reach of these benefits. If one wanted to watch or listen to anything on the personal computer, they could now do so. Here are the easy steps in performing such as download: play the online video or audio in the browser, copy and download the file into your device (this can include dragging or dropping the URL directly into the system), and the media recorder will extract this for your reference. A unique feature of this media recorder is that is downloads quite fast with excellent playback speed.

You can also make changes and configure the video to your liking. This can include sound frequency and aspect ratio of the video. This would be nice for music and video lovers.

Easy installation for anyone used to have that is accessible for everyone

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder is also quite convenient since it saves the file from any website. This can be done silently and separately while I am enjoying browsing through my favorite websites. The software even works on streaming sites such as Pandora and Spotify so you can have complete access to all of your favorite jams. This allows you to explore various forms of media, and you can monitor your favorite web reviewers. The app is especially helpful when you want to recapture your favorite events, even those that are life. You can set a schedule that would help you save on the best moments. 

Christian Orozco
This great streaming recorder is a great tool for windows. If you love listening to music, this is just right for you. It allows you to download numerous video formats, such as youtube to listen to your favorite songs. This tool is also great because you simply drag the URL to your system and it will receive the songs you want to save and it plays it at a great speed.
Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder is a software used to capture audio and video from websites.In my view it is the best video and audio downloader for windows. Its features are quiet interesting,100% free download from youtube this feature attracted me the most.They provide digial video and audio recorder.The also provides money back guarantee.
If you've ever found a video or audio file online but weren't able to download it, you know that you need Jaksta Media Recorder in your life. Jaksta makes it so easy to download and capture those files and save them to your computer. You can capture videos from YouTube (or any site), copy them to your computer, or just use the drag and drop functionality. You can also copy and paste a hyperlink with the video that you want, and Jaksta will make sure the video gets captured. It even works on sites that disable downloading.
Cole Hooks
This product will allow you to get your favorite youtube music to your computer. There are so many great artists that make their own music and use youtube to broadcast their songs, this is a great way to be able to access those songs on your computer. The developers of this product also constantly put out updates and are fixing any issues. This will keep your product working to the best of its ability every day.
This is a trial run application that allows people to have a music and video downloaded for content that they find appealing on you-tube. You are able to schedule downloads and records and have automatic conversions as well. There is faster playback too and this all can be used for a lifetime if you pay for the premium part that most people ignore. Overall this is a decent app if you use media a lot .
I totally recommend Jaksta Media Recorder. The download quality is amazing, and you can choose whatever format you prefer for the files you want to download. Not only is the file quality on point, but the downloads are super speedy. The installation was simple, and once I got the software running I realized it doesn't drag your system down and gets your files to you in a flash. I give it a 10/10!
Jaksta Streaming Media recorder is your go-to software if you want to download media from a selection of online sites including youtube. You can find and download full playlists and channels. The software allows you to download in 60-second chunks. You can download as many of these as you like. With Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder you can download video or sound to your PC.
Jaksta offers an excellent solution to a long-standing issue. This software suite allows the user to download any video or audio files hosted on a web page, directly to their PC. This includes Youtube and other popular streaming sites - even in the free trial mode. This software is a no-brainer, highly recommended for its efficient download speeds.
The Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder for Windows is so cool!! You can record videos and music from over 100,000 websites. It also allows you to save your stuff to your PC for later. It's the best free YouTube downloader that you can get. It's simple and easy to use and it takes no time for it to download your videos, it downloads 10 times faster than the playback speed. It also lets you save music and video files from any site. It has built-in media guides too.
It is one of the best YouTube downloaders in the market and it really simple to use. Even if it is an audio or video you have to just copy-paste the URLs and it downloads the file. Jaksta Media recorder have quality options for your video and audio file converts and it goes up to 130+ formats so there is no hassle in converting them again and again.
I am so happy I purchased this software! It is an amazing software program to use! And I highly recommend it to everyone that works in the entertainment/media field. I have an at home music studio in my home and recently purchased this software program. I am so excited that I did. This program allows me to capture and download all of my audio and video content that I use and or need. It also allows me to download at faster speeds, unlike my normal download speed on my computer. Basically giving my computer a boost. Which makes my business life so much easier.
This media recorder is free and makes great quality videos with easy and fast downloads. It is super easy to use, and you can copy and download videos with ease. You can also drag, copy and cut files to make things even faster. Although you can download a lot of files on this app, you cannot download from premium apps like netflix and hulu.
Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder for Windows is a new and exciting product that allows you to capture any online video or audio that you want. It is simple to use and a free trial period of YouTube downloads is provided. Super fast and I was able to download audio and video from several different platforms. Super buy and wish I had it sooner!
Great program that helps download almost any video with a click of a button. The best part is that it also includes YouTube videos and can gather download links for the video. Definitely would recommend it for anyone looking to save videos.
wow, its an very good software, but its used for download the live streaming videos, we can download the youtube videos in unlimited way , but i think itys not fair, we can get the internet in low price, so we have to spend on internet not in this software, Due to privacy i can not promote this software, yes the features are okay, but this is not okay for me personally.
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