by Eli Fulkerson

A good alternative to a standard ping

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eli Fulkerson

Release: TCPing 2.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4811

TCPing sends out a synchronized signal to a destination port and waits for its return to see if the service is up.

TCPing for Windows is a great software product designed to test the reachability of a host or port on an IP network. Whereas the standard Ping can be blocked on be ignored due to security protection such as a firewall, the TCPing can ping over a TCP connection and will show the reachability of service on a host using TCP/IP as well as the amount of time it takes to reach a specified port. In laymen terms, it works very similar to how sonar works with submarines to ping an object to show if it exists whereas the time can be measured. In essence, TCPing is mostly used to test for open ports on remote machines. Some of the command options that supported by TCPing include: unlimited ping, resolution for IP addresses to the hostname, the custom number of requests, the custom connect timeout, and the wait time between pings. Some of the benefits and features of this product are:

1. It is a good alternative to a standard ping that can be ignored or blocked.

It is useful over a regular ping when the ICMP packets are ignored and offers a test of the destination port in Windows

2. It works with newer and older versions of Windows.

3. It is an easy program to download and install.

4. It is a great tool and free program for all Windows users.

5. TCPing supports IPv4 and IPv6.

The test speed for measuring the return results for TCPing are measured in milliseconds which is noted as ms. A good speed for testing broadband internet connections is usually under 100ms or lower. The most efficient connections measure below 30ms. The best part of this free software tool is that it will work with any version of Windows you are running on your computer, new or older. TCPing is a software product that has been developed by and is available for download on your computer.

Harrison (unverified)
This program seems like a neat tool. I am not entirely sure exactly what it does, but it seems like it could be useful. I do not think that I would ever use it, but it seems like IT professionals would get use out of it. The fact that it is free would make me download it as an additional tool if I were in the IT field or found myself needing its functionality.
Ewan (unverified)
This definitely will make IT alittle more less headache!! I'm super excited to see technology rapidly develop through the years!! A less complex way of checking for open ports & allows you to ping devices/networks more random then before! A must have app in the IT world!!
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