Bitvise SSH Client

by by Bitvise Limited

A one stop SSH Client software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: by Bitvise Limited

Release: Bitvise SSH Client 8.29

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Bitvise SSH software can seemingly do it all. Free for download there is also a bundle option free for 30 days to use the SSH server to really maximize your SSH file needs. ALl latest versions of Windows are supported operating systems to use whether in 32 bit or 64 bit, they can access the XP, 03, and all the way up to the 10 models and everything in between. Everything is also high speed for maximum operation, and all overly protected by a series of advanced algorithms to ensure nobody is hacking into your most sensitive files. 


  • Supports Graphical SFTP file transfers to allow you to check files, resume, and forward.
  • Supports tunneling files by an integrated proxy system for SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, and HTTP CONNECT, and will communicate your Windows with such networks like Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Supports remote customizations for clients so one can log in, log out, and exit as need be.
  • Supports command line clients whether left unattended or interactively for sftpc, sexec, stermc, and stnlc, in addition to allowing single hosts logins or up to five host logins for whatever uses you may need. 

In conclusion, there is nothing more important than keeping your files organized, safe, and easily accessible to yourself. A self-encrypting software with built-in security is an invaluable asset to have to maintain your SSH files. For transfers, terminals, and tunneling there is no better place to go that Bitvise. The fact that it is highly customizable allows people and companies to manipulate the software and take advantage of its flexibility to get the best use out of what they need. And it's simple. Single click logins and functions mean streamlining and making your day more efficient. Combined with the option of the secure SSH server this is a product worth looking into for sure. 

A one stop SSH Client software to handle all of your SSH file needs without the hassle or worry of being hacked.

Dante Jackson
This software seems to be a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat. The software is designed to view DjVu files easily. The software is easy to download, and once inside, shows to be easily maneuverable even for the beginner user. Whether you are an advanced user looking for a different option, or someone just starting out, this would be a great product to try. Best of all, it's free to download!
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the website has a nice layout. I like the bullet points that are included in the website. I think it helps users break down the ideas that are displayed in the website. one of the most important ideas that a user has while growing a website is the idea easiness and clarify of the website. I think a great addition to the website would be an interactive video. its good the the website has words colored in differed fonts because that shows contrast while reading and makes the website more engaging. I think that it is also good that there is some soft of dictionary on the website that helps explain what words mean. this was a feature that I found helpful as it is not easy t go on a website that does not explain words and terminology is a user friendly way.
Joshua Canfield
The Bitvise SSH is a software that enables users to initiate connections or file transfers to someone else's computer. This software is not only free, but it is also very flexible, considering the state of the art terminal emulation, the high end graphics, and the command line support that comes with it. There are also tunnel features that include dynamic port forwarding through the integrated proxy as well as the remote administration.
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