Time and Date Calculator

by XiXi Software

An intuitive tool for calculating, converting, and counting time and date elements

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: XiXi Software

Release : Time and Date Calculator 3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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The Time and Date Calculator is both a powerful and user-friendly tool designed for calculations and conversions related to time and date. It is built to perform five core functions. Firstly, it allows you to calculate a target date and time by adding or subtracting various time elements (years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds) from a specified time. Secondly, it can calculate the time difference between two specific moments, with the result displayed for each time element (years, days, hours, etc.) as well as the overall difference. This can be handy for counting elapsed or upcoming time for important events (birth, work, wedding, etc).

Additionally, this software allows you to count weekdays, working days, and weekends between two specified dates. It also offers a conversion function between each time element, for instance, to quickly find out "how many minutes are there in 19 months". Lastly, it enables calculations and conversions between UNIX time and the conventional calendar.

  • Quickly calculates target time based on specified time with addition and subtraction operations.
  • Efficiently calculates time differences (days, hours, seconds...) between two times.
  • Easily counts weekdays/working days/weekends between two dates.
  • Instantly converts time elements (days, seconds, years...) into each other.
  • Supports conversion between Unix/Linux time and the standard calendar.

All results are displayed instantly upon any condition changes. Additionally, this powerful calculator supports thousands of numerical field separators and decimal numbers. Hence, it's a handy tool for carrying out both simple and complex time and date calculations.

The main benefit of this software is its ability to perform complex time and date calculations quickly and accurately.
Requires Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system.
Requires at least 1 GB RAM.
Requires 500 MB hard disk space.
Requires internet access for installation.

Rapid, accurate calculations for various time and date elements.
Efficiently counts weekdays, working days, and weekends.
Converts seamlessly between UNIX time and standard calendar.

May struggle with calculations across different time zones.
Doesn't sync with digital calendars or reminder apps.
Interface could be visually more appealing.
A versatile scheduling tool for tasks, alarms and timers, with scripting capabilities.

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