Pomy is an easy-to-use, cloud-based project management tool for teams to collaborate and manage projects more efficiently.
Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator
Time Zone Converter is an easy-to-use calculator that quickly calculates the time difference between two different time zones.
Eorzea Clock
Eorzea Clock is a free application for Windows, macOS, and Linux that provides a countdown timer to the next in-game event in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.
Task Timer
Task Timer is a productivity tool that allows users to track and manage their time spent on tasks and projects.
The World Clock - Time Zones
The World Clock - Time Zones is a program that helps you keep track of time in different time zones.
Alarm software is an application or program that allows users to set alarms or reminders for various tasks or events.
XNote Timer
XNote Timer is a simple and intuitive timer and stopwatch utility for Windows.
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker is a software that tracks and monitors computer activity and usage time.
Easy Poker Tournament Timer
Easy Poker Tournament Timer is an easy-to-use, feature-rich poker tournament timer that helps you organize and manage your home poker tournaments.
WatchMe is a time-tracking and productivity tool to help you reach your goals.
Timer is a simple timer application that allows users to set timers and alarms for various tasks.
XNote Stopwatch
XNote Stopwatch is a feature-rich, multi-functional timer and stopwatch program for Windows.
T-Clock Redux
T-Clock Redux is a customizable, lightweight clock replacement for Windows that provides a variety of additional features and options.
GDI+ Swiss Railway Clock
GDI+ Swiss Railway Clock is a Windows application that allows users to display an accurate and customizable representation of the iconic Swiss Railway Clock on their desktop.
Huge Clock

Huge Clock is a simple program that displays a large, customizable digital clock on your desktop.

Desktop Countdown Timer
A simple and easy-to-use desktop application for counting down to a specific date and time.
Metric Clock
Metric Clock is a desktop clock application that displays time in metric units, allowing users to easily track time in the metric system.
Divergence Meter Alarm Clock (D.M.A.C.)
The D.M.A.C. software monitors and alerts you when the divergence meter readings reach a user-defined threshold level.
Talking Clock
The Talking Clock software provides audible time announcements at user-defined intervals.
Nepali Date Converter
Nepali Date Converter is a software program that enables users to easily convert dates between the Nepali and Gregorian calendar systems.
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