by Mycroft Computing

A user-friendly solution for tracking employee attendance, benefits, and leave policies.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mycroft Computing

Release : TimeOff 2.8.6

Antivirus check: passed

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TimeOff is a powerful and efficient software for accurate and rapid tracking of employee attendance. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can record data quickly and with ease. In addition, a benefits policy assistant aids you in incorporating your company's policies. The main screen allows you to monitor both available and used benefit hours for each employee.

TimeOff records the hours during which employees were not at work under different categories. It automatically calculates the benefit hours each employee earns and updates balances as information is entered. All of this is done in accordance with your own policies and preferences. Leave entries can be reported by employee or by department. And you can use the monthly calendar report to view who is scheduled for what type of leave for the month.

Unlike most other time and attendance programs, TimeOff will not force you to work around the software - TimeOff will work the way you choose. Easy-to-follow instructions in the user manual and in the online help file will enable even a novice to operate the program with ease.

TimeOff simplifies and optimizes the process of tracking employee attendance and managing their benefits.
  • Multi-user access with different security levels
  • Ability to create more than one policy for each benefit
  • Import and export capabilities
  • Ability to add a comment to any entry
  • Ability to select multiple days when adding an entry

The latest version of TimeOff also includes these new features, which further enhance its versatility and effectiveness in managing employee attendance. Now, with TimeOff, tracking work hours and managing employee benefits will no longer be a problem. Easy to use, flexible, and comprehensive, the TimeOff application ideally meets the needs of businesses of all sizes.

- Operating system: Windows 7 or later
- Disk space: Minimum 500MB for installation
- Internet access for updates and exporting capabilities
- Multi-user access support

Efficient tracking of employee attendance and benefits.
Intuitive, user-friendly interface for quick data entry.
Offers flexibility to match individual company policies.

Limited customization options for unique company policies.
Lacks comprehensive analytical and report generation tools.
Interface may seem outdated and unappealing.
Duty roster
A tool for organizing, viewing, and printing staff duties, attendance and vacations.
An intelligent job scheduling tool for businesses with dynamic, customer-focused tasks.