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TOEFL - materials for preparing for the TOEFL exam. In the downloaded archive you will find the following:DICTNRY

Contains the main program sammler and 3 dictionaries: first.doc (for TOEFL) second.doc third.doc The way to call: sammler < the name of the dictionary > Help - call sammler without parameters Other exe & com files - auxiliary TEST Contains test system 2 and 3 sections of 5 volumes of TOEFL. Instructions - doc.txt Call: TEST.EXE <name.dat> TEXT Same texts as in TEST, only in text form (files like flv****.txt) Answers in files like flv*.txt Answers in unfolded form in files like exv1p2.txt EXPL Brief grammar guide to 9 sections

This is a software to prepare for the TOEFL exam. It is good for students who are about to give the TOEFL exam.
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