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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TopTracker

Release: TopTracker

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TopTracker is a tool that is very handy for people who are into Freelancing allows the user's to track time at no cost to them. You are allowed to even save screenshots of your work if you chose to do so. TopTrakcer is completely free and you have no limits on what you're able to do within the program. TopTracker features a desktop application that is accessible on Windows, MacOS, Debian and even RPM along with web applications.

Currently, at the time of reviewing the product, there aren't any mobile applications of the program. But the desktop application does allow users to work and track time even without an internet connection available and while offline usage is happening TopTracker will store data locally and sync it with your online account so when you're connected to the internet everything is backed up. Syncing does happen while in online usage but not in real time.

Tracking your work using TopTracker is pretty simple as you start making projects and adding simple information about the project TopTracker will start to track your data. The UI displays time that you're active to the real-time second in the desktop application of the program but latency is experienced in the web application of the program with active time only displaying by the minute or so.

Online and offline syncing allows users to keep their work with or without a connection to the internet.

The application also rounds out to 10-minute intervals and it's not accessible to adjust it. One of the biggest features of TopTracker is it can take screenshots or even photo's using the computer or laptop's camera allowing users to have proof of what you're doing. The images just like the projects are also stored locally and synced within your online account later on. For people who use more than one computer monitor, the program can be modified so users can determine what screen the screenshots should take place.

All in all for freelances the product is a must-have.

Aaron Yates (unverified)
TopTracker is a totally free application that gives freelancers the ability to track time at zero cost and save screenshots of the recorded data if desired. The TopTracker desktop applicaton is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (Debian and RPM). TopTracker stores data locally and is capable of syncing it with an online account. For multi-display systems the screenshot function can be customized to target a particular display. Time can be tracked with or without an internet connection. Access from non-local devices over the internet will experience some latency but local devices can track precisely to the second.
sam dow (unverified)
Online and offline syncing allows users to keep their work with or without a connection to the internet.
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