by Astonsoft

A way to integrate their email, passwords, calendars, contacts, etc. into one application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Astonsoft

Release: EssentialPIM 8.15

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4999

The EssentialPIM software allows users to store all of their passwords, contact information, emails, calendar events, etc. all in one easily accessible location. The software integrates with Apple and Android applications and can easily share information through previously established cloud services such as ICloud or Google. EssentialPIM also allows users to download the application onto different devices to ensure that all necessary information can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

  • The calendar interface allows users to organize events and monitor progress on projects of those in your contact list.
  • The notes function allows the user to create information in a way that can be shared with those in the user's contacts or saved for later use. The notes function also allows for the importation of images and graphs that may be beneficial to the users content.¬†
  • The email function gives users to synchronize multiple email accounts from different platforms such as Gmail or Yahoo into one convenient location. From there, users can send mass emails to others listed in their contacts. Notes can also be imported into emails as well to further share information
  • The contacts function allows you to easily store and access peoples emails and phone numbers through the EssentialPIM interface. You can also assign contacts to different jobs laid out in the calendar function as well as communicate with contacts quickly and efficiently through the email function¬†

On top of all of this, EssentialPIM will save all your passwords for every synchronized application in one secure location for simple retrieval and usage. EssentialPIM fully integrates the user's applications into one neat package that can be accessed by the user. By doing so, EssentialPIM allows the user to maximize their time and productivity through their life. Whether the user is a business owner, a college student, or a busy mother, EssentialPIM is there to keep your online information organized and easily accessible at all times on any platform. 

EssentialPIM 3.71 (6.07 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.22 (6.16 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.5 (5.99 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.52 (6.05 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.53 (6.06 MB)
EssentialPIM 4.54 (6.07 MB)
EssentialPIM 5.02 (6.45 MB)
EssentialPIM 5.03 (6.46 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.0 (11.63 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.12 (11.74 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.13 (10.63 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.24 (11.2 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.51 (11.56 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.52 (11.57 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.54 (11.6 MB)
EssentialPIM 7.6 (11.94 MB)
EssentialPIM 8.01 (12.56 MB)
Elijah Richardson (unverified)
This software looks very helpful for anybody. The syncing between devices is really nice so that you don't leave work on one device and can't start work on another device. There's a lot of cognitive load to keeping track of many things like passwords, events, emails, etc all at once, so being able to do it all, and easily, is great.
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