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by Total AV

Free to use antivirus updated with real-time definitions capable of removing malware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Total AV

Release: Total AV

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In today's world, where cybersecurity is harder and more challenging than ever, and your digital information and files are more valuable than ever, having a fast and intuitive to use antivirus program is essential. Total AV for Windows is a lightweight, user-friendly, and powerful antivirus program with a deep feature set that will keep your digital files and information completely safe. Total AV for Windows makes use of the latest antivirus technology in its advanced anti-malware engine, which is constantly being automatically updated with the latest virus definitions to ensure that it can handle anything that gets thrown your way. The protection is not merely limited to malware either, this antivirus is more than well-equipped to handle spyware, ransomware, adware, and any other malicious program or process you can imagine. 

For advanced users, there are even deeper features such as remote firewall access, which provides you a centralized and easy-to-view location where you can permit or deny any website requests that come to your computer. The program also features an optimization suite that automatically scans your computer and your web browser to eliminate unwanted junk files and cookies that may be causing you to experience slowness in your browsing or overall system usage. Overall, given all of the features offered and the level of protection that Total AV for Windows provides, it is a fantastic value and a must-have program for anyone with interest in remaining safe and protected when it comes to their computer and digital information.


The combination of daily virus updates and real time virus definition updates ensures that users will always be safe and secure from malware or other viruses
  • Safe Site feature analyzes the websites you visit and automatically blocks suspicious websites that are disguised to imitate real ones without the need for user input
  • Real-time protection features update virus definitions not only daily but also automatically scans your downloads, installs, and executables as well
  • Remote firewall grants users easy access to their Windows firewall settings and allows users easily designate which connection requests to get blocked or approved
  • The advanced anti-malware protection engine is designed to protect users from even the most aggressive and cleverly designed malware installers.
  • Includes optimization suite ensuring users have optimized browsers that are free of junk and unnecessary cookies, thus enabling faster overall computer performance

Supports all versions of Windows from XP upward


If you're looking for an antivirus program that can keep your Windows device safe and secure, then check out Total AV for Windows. This program makes it a cinch to ensure that you are fully protected against all kinds of viruses, malware and spyware. Moreover, it constantly leans your device for adware and helps you avoid becoming a victim of ransomware as well.
I love using Total AV for Windows because it gives me the antivirus protection that I need to feel safe and secure when I'm using my computer. Not only does it provide sophisticated anti-malware, but its scans happen in real time so you can trust that any threats are caught instantly. I also appreciate that it cleans up adware and that it removes spyware.
Total AV for Windows looks as though it is a very easy to use antivirus protection for your computer. It claims to instantly identify harmful threats, speed up overall performance, delete redundant files, and secure you internet connection. All of these are good qualities that someone should want for their computer. Additionally, it's compatible with so many different devices and has won many awards for its performance. It definitely seems worth the try.
AV stands for Antivirus software.It is very useful to the computer.And it is time safe to the the human.It is useful techenical soultion for all the computer software.It is protect your computer from the virus.It is latest antivirus protection.Compatible with the windows,MAC os, ios and Andriod devices
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