TracePlus32 Web Detective

by Sstinc

an analysis tool that is designed mainly for the development of the Web

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sstinc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

TracePlus32 Web Detective can be defined as an analysis tool that is designed mainly for the development of the Web. This Web is designed in such a way that it decodes the HTTP protocol to display the intended information for a better understanding format.

The Web Detective further shows how SSL transactions are done especially when applications are traced using the Win32 Internet API. HTTP protocol mainly fetches resources, such as HTML documents. It's the source that exchanges data on the Web and it includes a client-server protocol, this means requests are initiated by the recipient. Furthermore, the Web browser provides Windows that helps to file and hyperlink the Web Detective. The Web Detective further displays and provides analyzed performance of Web pages and the objects requested by the pages. The main properties and Features include analyzed performance of Web pages of given Web site and link verifications on pages.

TracePlus32 Web Detective includes HTTP requests such as GET requests, POST requests, and HEAD requests. The GET requests and sends data to the server which is further transferred by HTML data of the page. The POST requests send and allow the server to send the data back to the Web server. The HEAD requests serve the same purpose as that of the GET requests but it does not send the data back to the Web server. This is mainly done to verify the resource existence without actual download.

It successfully allows the analysis of the HTTP protocol

The usage of the HTTP class helps in handling cookies, user authentication, automatic redirection, HTTP headers as well as the referrer tag. This brings about the HTTP socket class that allows the Bot package to communicate and exchange information with the Web servers using HTTP. The send method transmits HTTP requests and helps in retrieving the result from the Web server repeatedly on the same HTTP object to enhance the movement of pages in succession. 

This software was easy to download, it's very simple to setup! I like that it has an antivirus program built into the software so it can scan for any viruses that are present. Also, this is something that is meant for Windows, which can be hard to find due to a lot of things are only compatible with Apple! It scans and analyzes web pages that are visited to keep your computer safe! I highly recommend this software!
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