by Oliver Blanthorn

A mozila firefox plugin to reduce or promote mouseless activity

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oliver Blanthorn

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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description: this tridactyl software is most helpfull for the fastest keyboard activity and reducing mouse usage

feature 1: it will provide best shortcuts for users close experience.

feature 2: its mouseless feature give smooth performance for good gestures and pages movement.

this software is helpfull for faster keyboard activities on webpages or browser

feature 3: it has different modes like,

first one, normal mode - it is a starting mode for all your activity.

hint mode - highlighting urls and helps to copy textboard clips

command mode - its used to switch tabs in one to another on browser.

ignore mode - it will pass all keys presses on the page that is helpfull for website

feature 4: it has updated good updated version for usage

feature 5: it promotes keyboard keys in efficient ways on screen

system requirements: window xp or above,linux,mac os

ram - 256mb

rom -8gb

it is a plugin, it will not require huge requirement for setup

it will run on all mozilla firefox browsers

for installation check it for new versions on store

also check github base

The software is good but not needed, it converts your Foxfire and also make it so you can work without a mouse
Luke X.
Tridactyl is an open source, free addon for the Firefox browser that provides a more natural and efficient browsing experience. It uses the Vim-like keybindings to provide a keyboard-driven interface to control Firefox's features, including tab navigation, bookmarks, text search, find-as-you-type history, quickmarks, and more. It also provides a number of customization options for users to tailor the browser to their own needs.
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