Trojan Remover

by Simply Super Software

Software to help remove Trojan Horses and other virus software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Simply Super Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Trojan Remover was written to help remove Trojans and Internet worms in particularly complex cases where standard antivirus software is unable to detect the problem or is unable to effectively fix it.

Most viral and Trojan scanners are able to detect such malware well, but not always effectively in removing them when they are found. Trojan Remover was written specifically to perform such a removal without the need for user intervention to manually edit system files, including the system registry. The program also removes additional system changes that some spyware programs perform and which are ignored by other virus and Trojan scanners.

Trojan Remover will scan all system files, including the Windows registry, and identify the programs and files that run when the system boots up. The vast majority of Trojans and worms use this very method of launching.

Trojan Remover will view all files downloaded at the start time that can be used for remote access by spyware ('backdoors', like NetBus, SubSeven, Optix Pro, Back Orifice, etc.), Internet worms and other malware.

For each identified Trojan horse, worm, or other malicious program, Trojan Remover will display a crash screen that shows the location of the file and its name. Then you can choose to remove it from the system or rename the file to stop its activity.

You can start scanning from the Trojan Remover main menu and select directories or individual files to scan.

Note: Trojan Remover will not work on 64-bit operating systems.

The artwork is outdated and not catchy. The software does not distinguish itself above and beyond the brand names of Norton and McAfee. There is no real feedback that can be looked at to see how helpful in a qualitative way it truly is.
I've been having problems with viruses recently, but this helped me solve that!
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