Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD)

by UltimateBootCD.Com

A software designed to consolidate many diagnostic tools into one bootable media such as CDs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: UltimateBootCD.Com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) is a completely free bootable CD image designed to diagnose, optimize, repair and even fully restore your PC operating system! To achieve these goals, the developers of UBCD, in this boot package was providently included a whole set of various utilities. In it you will find programs that allow you to detect and test the hardware, applications to work directly with the "operating system" (backups, working with the registry of the system, viewing / delete / copy / transfer of existing files to a PC, recovery of system files, various operations with BIOS, etc.); programs to work with hard drives (formatting, creating / delete / modify partitions, testing hdd for errors, recovery of damaged disks).

In addition to the main so-called system and technical software, Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) includes additional software content: there are quite good antivirus and antispyware, archivers, file managers, network programs and other useful applications, as they say, "for all occasions". Here's a list of the main software in the package:

PC Inspector Clone Maxx;

PC Inspector e-maxxx;

F-Prot Antivirus;

AIDA (DOS-version);

Windows memory diagnostic;


Partition Resizer;

SeaTools Disc Diagnostic;

NTFS Reader for DOS;


Drive Fitness Test.

It should be noted that all software present in UBCD is absolutely legal. There are no hacked pirate programs in it! Most of the kit is made up of completely free applications, plus a couple of licensed professional demos. Also, it is quite well known that the disk does not contain any malicious and advertising additional software.

It's also worth adding that Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) is extremely simple and convenient to use, which makes it available to almost all, even the most inexperienced users. All you need to do is to burn this image to a CD or any removable usb-drive, reboot your PC and choose the necessary software tool in the menu that appears. For more convenience, when working with some applications, it is possible to use the mouse or other manipulators.

- the download package contains only free and legal software;

- the ability to create a bootable CD and UBCD usb drives;

- the ability to work with the operating system;

- the ability to work with hdd disks;

- scanning and testing of computer hardware;

- network and network device support.

- support for keyboard, mouse and other manipulators / input devices.

Ultimate boot CD allows you to make multiple CD copies of one CD. It’s great for giving music or movies to friends, co-workers, and family. It makes for an easy way to copy CD’s without hours of tedious work doing it the old fashioned way.
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