Vectorian Giotto

by Vectorian

Completely free software that allows you to create Flash animations with ease.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vectorian

Release: Vectorian Giotto 3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you’ve been struggling with using Flash in webpage designs due to the complexity of the code, Vectorian Giotto will be the solution you have been looking for. Vectorian Giotto makes webpage design with Flash a fun process, rather than a frustrating nightmare that you dread. Since it removes the complexity of using Flash, it allows you to focus entirely on the creative process and frees you up to design the inspired ideas that you have created. Best of all, Vectorian Giotto is free for professionals, for personal use, and for commercial use, so you can try it with absolutely zero risks.


  • Full support for ActionScript 2
  • Full use of bitmap filters
  • Allows for the creation of complex vector illustrations
  • Includes over fifty effects for text and shapes
  • Color palettes include a built-in editor for maximum realism

Vectorian Giotto contains all the features of a professional design system. It may be a bit complex to figure out at first, but it includes tutorials that will guide the beginner through the steps to learn how to use the system. Ultimately, you can use point and click tools to simply drag and drop your Flash animations, making the complex process simple and easy for anyone. Yet, it still contains the complex features that a professional designer would expect and need in a Flash design system.

Vectorian Giotto is free, and is designed for use by both beginners and experts who want to use Flash in webpage design.

Vectorian Giotto includes immediately available animation effects with no coding required. There are over fifty effects for texts and shapes, and over a hundred preset effects that can be used. These effects can all be adjusted according to your unique needs and creative designs. The color palettes as well are based on algorithms using human color perception, which makes them have more intense and realistic results.

The overall user interface is comparable to Adobe Flash, so it should be intuitive to use for those with experience with this software. It is set up so that tools, settings, and other features are easy to access and easy to use, and can be found where you would expect them to be. If you struggle with using the interface, you can use the tutorials on the website to guide you through the process and get you going in the right direction.

For advanced users and beginners alike, Vectorian Giotto opens up a world of possibilities for your Flash designs and web pages.

Ashlei Bain
I appreciate the thought here regarding the Vectorian Giotto and how it is comparable to Adobe. Adobe Flash can sometimes be a headache and I believe you may have to pay for some versions of it. From the summary provided here, it looks like it would be easier to work with overall for me. With more "techy" people, the Adobe may be alright; however, for people like me, I believe this may be more beginner friendly.
Victorian Giotto is a brilliant free alternative for flash made by the amazing people at Victorian inc studios. It lets you create amazing animations, great banners, professional artworks and etc. It has many other effects that you can play around with and have fun. The learning curve of using this software is very small so it is just brilliant for the beginners. This software has a lot of benefits to it. Especially for free animation and artwork software. One of the staring benefits of this software is that it can run on any windows version. It can range from Windows XP all the way up to the new windows 10. It has a similar professional-looking interface to the adobe flash however, somehow it manages to be easier to use than the actual adobe flash. You can create stunning animations with unlimited amounts of colors and effects and while you are doing it, you feel like you are having fun. Unlike the adobe flash, where you have to pay a lot of money monthly, this is free and it gives you a certain amount of pleasure and it rewards you for doing something good. I would definitely recommend this for schools because it can help them learn about digital arts and animation and have fun. Overall, I think this is an amazing software that can unlock a lot of doors for young animators and digital artists. It has the 2 key things, everyone is looking for nowadays, easy to use and free. It makes things fun for people which allows them to be more creative and create something unique which I really love about this software. What is the point of spending a lot of money on adobe flash and feeling like you are being forced to do digital artwork?
There are many key features to the Vectorian Gitto, however, one really sticks out to me, and that is the function that allows you to create and add flash animations to your websites. It's not only the best function, but it is fairly easy, so anyone can do it from beginners to experts. The user interface is very user friendly and allows for quick and easy creation of professional flash animations for your websites. It generally only takes about 10 minutes to learn how to use this program, and that is for people who have no experience what so ever with flash animations. Once you have moved on from the easy to learn flash animations, you can then begin to learn about gradient fills, and intersections of the video games, which is a whole new ball game.
Blair Vanmeter
Vectorian Giotto for Windows is a free alternative to Macromedia Flash that allows you to view, create, and edit flash animations. It has a simple user interface that allows the user to create fun or informative animations to be uploaded online.
If you own your own website, you might want to add a touch of flair by including Flash animations. Learning and creating Flash animations has never been easier thanks to Vectorian Giotto. This offers a streamlined interface that allows even a beginner to learn how to efficiently make Flash animations. No one will be able to tell your animations apart from a professional's. Vectorian Giotto is so easy to use you can mater it in just minutes.
This software is useful for those trying to learn how to create Flash animations and movies. It has a very well organized main frame and does not require any coding from the using. You can easily teach yourself or follow tutorials that are offered. There are tons of effects that can be added to animations such as color, gradient, skew, add sketches, etc. Very short learning curve, making flash animations easy to create for even the most unskilled user.
This software is alternative software for Macromedia flash it allows us to view edit the flash animations however it has some feature that can be unlocked by purchasing it. it supports action script2 and some bitmap filters and color palette let us create realism overall it is very nice to use because it has simple features however it is efficient
Vectorian Giotto is very interesting software. As someone that works closely with a digital platform, seeing more advancement in simple, yet effective flash technology such as this is a plus. Especially for those of us that do not have a background in web design or programming. There are numerous tutorials online to help you navigate the software in case you can't figure it out on your own, but the interface is simple and easy to use. I'd recommend it to anyone in web development.
Vectorian Giotto is a tool that allows users to design web pages with Flash. Due to the complexity of Flash code, web design can often be frustrating and lead to crashes and service failures. However, Vectorian Giotto cleans this up and allows the user to focus on the design elements, without worrying about code syntax. By employing ActionScript software, users can point and click in order to arrange their Flash designs worry-free. It is also free to download, meaning that anyone with an interest and flair for Flash should check this out.
I can tell you that the program is, nevertheless worth using. You just have to bear all the above, in mind. If you do, you can still create some great animations for free.
If you want to learn and make Flash free of charge, then Vectorian Giotto for Windows is the perfect choice for you. Create professional Flash animations for websites easily, using the powerful yet simple user interface this can be done quickly and easily. It takes only 10 minutes to learn, even with no experience at all. So many more features are available, including powerful drawing tools, sophisticated shape morphing, stunning built-in effects as well as many more features.
An app to create flash content for a webpage or general use, free software which is easy to learn with tonnes of features to use. Getting used to these apps is easy and can start using without any form of training. Can get started with just 10 mins tutorial.
Extremely easy-to-use software. I have little experience with creating animations but have been able to use this without issues to create stuff for my lesson plans and used it to update my classroom website with awesome banners and navigational tools. Possibly the best part is that it is free to download and use. You can also easily access tutorial videos on youtube if you need to; that will walk you through how to use it’s features.
Vectorian Giotto is a free alternative to Adobe Flash. Allows one to create flash animations for websites. Easy to get started with, and also can allow for the complexity of the mechanics for Adobe Flash. The UI is easy to get started with, allowing the beginner to do easy quick work, while the professional can do their work to the fullest satisfaction as well!
Vectorian Giotto may be a powerful application merely can utilize to make energized Flash objects. This application could be a cheaper and less demanding to use elective to Adobe Streak. Utilizing Vectorian Giotto you'll create SWF (Little Web Organize) records that can be inserted into your site. This way you're able to enrich your web pages with livelinesss and numerous more. The interface of Vectorian Giotto is exceptionally professional yet easy to utilize. It coordinating all the highlights Streak planning program ought to offer. Its devices are well organized within the interface of the application. Clients are able to customize the interface in arrange to induce a better productivity whereas working with Vectorian Giotto. You can download Vectorian Giotto 3.0 from our computer program library for gratis. This free program was initially outlined by Vectorian Inc. This download was filtered by our built-in antivirus and was appraised as infection free. The most recent form of the computer program can be downloaded for PCs running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32-bit.
With a user-friendly interface, powerful sketching tools, sophisticated shape morph, impressive built-in effects, resonance column, and scripting, a proficient designer will do more in less time, while it is easy for the beginner to do amazing things. . professional looking movies. Additionally, it supports layers and fountain fills, as well as intersect, alliance, and difference operations on objects.
Vectorian Giotto is the go to tool, if you are having difficulty using flash animations within webpage designs. It is a freely downloadable software application and can be used by beginners as well as experts. It removes the complexity of code, thereby allowing you to be creative with your ideas without being dependent on programming. Giotto takes care of rest once the ideas are in place. The software has over fifty effects for texts and shapes and also has over a hundred preset effects. As the name of the software suggests, it allows for creating complex vector illustrations. It also supports ActionScript 2.0.
Vectorian Giotto is the solution for those creating webpage designs but are struggling with Flash. The software makes webpage design run smooth; it contains all the features of any professional design system. The animation effects included provide you everything you need with no coding required. The other features include full support with ActionScript2, bitmap filters, vector illustrations, effects for text and shapes, and color palettes built in editor.
Vectorian Giotto allow ordinary people with no animation experience to easily create animations, which sounds wonderful. I would imagine it would be quite useful for an introduction to animation course. The software looks easy enough for beginners to get started. It also sounds very intuitive in that we are able manipulate objects, such as rotating it or changing its size. I would probably recommend this to beginner animators who want to start creating without knowledge of Python or any other coding language.
Vectorian Giotto is a animation software which is very powerful. It allows you to create the professional flash animations easily and quikly. It has several editing tools and it is customizable...It is very helpful in creating high quality animations. When the user is able to play with the colors as well as add music to images also.
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