by Vizup

better replacement for CAD tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vizup

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The main purpose of this product reducing and optimizing the 3D models.

It reduces the number of 3D models. The LOD technique used here.

This polygon reduction system to reduce the number of polygon for 3D models used in virtual reality and reality.


  • the products used super optimized 3D GRAPHICS.
  • CAD was used then.
  • the polygon graphics used.
  • download was better than fast.
As a game developer, memory usage from extra artifacts and polygons on our models causes unnecessary load and memory usage in our programs. VizUp helps in smoothing and deleting extra and unnecessary edges/polygons in our models to use less space. Users should be able to use higher quality visual modes in our programs/games without much load usage on their computers. A key example where we used VizUp was in enviornment where it cut down 30% of memory usage by smoothing out polygons in our trees.