by Wakuoo

A cutting-edge gameplay platform to play mobile games on PC with boosted performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wakuoo

Release : Wakuoo

Antivirus check: passed

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Wakuoo is an innovative gaming platform that allows users to enjoy mobile games on their PCs. With its various Android versions (Android 7 and Android 9 are automatically deployed), this platform ensures perfect compatibility with both Intel and AMD devices. With minimal effort, you can experience enhanced gaming performance on your computer, featuring all the hot, trendy, and popular mobile games.


  • Multiple Compatibility: Wakuoo comes with various Android versions (Android 7 and Android 9 are automatically installed) to ensure perfect compatibility with Intel and AMD devices.
  • Access to All Games: This gaming platform supports all game sources that are certified by the Google Play Store.
  • Single Gaming Account: Both iOS and Android gamers can log into their gaming account to enjoy all the trendy mobile games on a PC.
  • Enhanced Performance: With Wakuoo, you can enjoy enhanced gaming performance on your computer with minimal effort.

As a pioneer, challenger, and surfer, Wakuoo is always game-ready. This innovative platform offers a new way to play mobile games, transforming them into more powerful and immersive computer gaming experiences. Wakuoo is not just a gaming platform, it's also a movement that is changing the way gamers access and enjoy their favorite mobile games.

"Wakuoo offers enhanced gaming performance, letting users enjoy mobile games on their PCs with minimal effort."
Requires Windows 7 or above operating system
Requires Intel or AMD processor
Requires Android 7 or Android 9 version
A working, stable internet connection

Allows mobile gaming on PCs with enhanced performance.
Compatible with both Intel and AMD devices.
Supports all Google Play Store certified games.

Limited to only Android and certified game sources.
No support for non-mobile/console games.
User interface might be confusing for beginners.
A mobile game assistant tool that enhances efficiency, provides mods for popular games and accelerates functions.