by Canadian Mind Products

A Java environment analyzer providing detailed information about your system properties

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Canadian Mind Products

Release : Wassup 2.6

Antivirus check: passed

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Wassup is a software that provides detailed visibility of your Java environment. It delivers accurate information about system properties up to the limit allowed by the security system. This program gives you insights into various aspects such as the type of running JVM, the version of Java in use, and its associated provider.

It can function both as an applet and as an application. When Wassup is run as an application, it offers a much larger amount of information. The Java sandbox deems it a security risk to reveal this information to an applet. As an application, you can see all potential system properties.

  • Overview of system properties: Wassup provides detailed information about Java system properties, offering insights into the Java runtime environment.
  • Java provider identification: It identifies and displays the Java provider used in the current environment.
  • Execution as an application or applet: Wassup can be run both as an embedded applet in a browser or as a standalone application.

When run as an unsigned applet, the view is much more limited. However, if you accept the Java sandbox's security override, it will allow you to view the restricted properties. Thus, Wassup is a valuable tool for any Java developer or administrator who wants to have a clear and accurate visibility of their Java runtime environment.

Wassup provides a comprehensive, detailed view of your Java environment, enhancing visibility and facilitating easier management.
Requires Java runtime environment
Compatible with most web browsers for applet execution
Allows security overrides for more detailed system property view

Provides detailed visibility of Java environment
Can function both as an applet and application
Identifies Java provider used in current environment

Limited view when run as an unsigned applet.
Potential security risk due to revealing system information.
Identifying Java provider can be inconsistent.