ProWritingAid Desktop logo
Write papers and even check if you are plagiarizing
Genymotion logo
An Android emulator used by app developers to safely test their products
BlueJ logo
A downloadable Java tool used to assist Java developing
WinZip Self Extractor logo
WinZip is a popular, easy to use file extractor for Windows
Microsoft Windows Installer logo
Standard Windows software that manages installation and uninstallation of software
EasyPHP logo
A free suite of web developing tools developed for Windows
Windows Post Install logo
Allows for install for windows processor
Inno Setup logo
A free, stable, and feature-filled installer for Windows programs
Advanced Installer logo
This is a Windows 10 tool used to install, update and configure products safely
ARC Welder logo
Publish your own Android apps to Chrome OS
Justinmind Prototyper Pro logo
Allows for big projects to be worked on using wireframes and interactive pages
Eclipse IDE logo
Easy way for learners beginning into coding and also professional developers
Altium Designer logo
A printed circuit board (PCB) development and design software
TortoiseGit logo
A free, open sourceGIT with Windows shell interface
Pelles C logo
A compiler and development kit for the C language
Atmel Studio logo
A code development environment that makes writing and debugging microcontroller code easier and more efficient.
dnSpy logo
A .NET assembly editor and will help you debug software that you may be developing
Allows Android software to run on a PC platform, specifically Windows.
Android MultiTool logo
Easy Tool for decompiling, compiling, signing, installing framework and signing off on files
WinToBootic logo
Make bootable 32-bit or 64-bit Windows installers from ISO files
Just BASIC logo
A powerful tool for teaching and learning programming
imageUSB logo
Create a bootable image to USB flash drive out of any ISO file
Wing IDE logo
A simple way to program in a fully functioning Python environment
Brackets logo
An open-source text editor that's perfect for writing code