by Ambiera e.U.

A website editing product that is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge to operate

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ambiera e.U.

Release: WebsitePainter 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WebsitePainter for Windows gives users with no technical skillset the ability to produce and maintain a polished website. Unlike the majority of website editors on the market, WebsitePainter does not require HTML or programming knowledge. The product offers choices to cater to your needs. There are templates available for times when you need structure.  There is also the option for no templates, so nothing limits your creativity, which gives you the flexibility to create the optimal layout.

The product still offers the option to insert PHP, ASP, or HTML, or use javascript to improve available functions.  WebsitePainter allows you to create a high-quality website at a fraction of the cost of other professional-level website editor products. It is a versatile editor that can create many different layouts, both dynamic and absolute, images, galleries, slideshows, menus, and the ability to switch languages. The product has an intuitive user experience.  The templates can be edited with ease.  Simply place the object in the desired location. The product is aimed at those who familiarity with a text editor. 

The user experience is focused on simplicity and not having to use the help feature. Despite the simplistic feel, you are still able to create websites with professional-looking features.

The product is designed for individuals who want to get a website built and operational in a short amount of time. Even beginners can enjoy the satisfaction of launching their website with a little time. You can create custom borders, text, and the ability to display different features by hovering the mouse over a specific section of the web page. 

The product boasts the ability to edit a website without possessing HTML or programming abilities.

  • No HTML or programming skill sets required. 
  • Intuitively built like a text editor to reduce the need to use the help features.
  • Capable of showing a diverse range of presentation features like image galleries, menus, and slideshows
  • Ability to publish to a server or a local folder location
  • Ability to use any language or switch languages with Unicode

The program will work with different operating systems like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, both with 64 bit and 32 bit.  

I wanted to make a web site! Leaving my mark on the internet was my dream, ever since I was a kid! But how? I don't know anything about HTML, XML, or any of that stuff! I could shell out an arm and a leg for Adobe Dreamweaver, or I could use the even BETTER (and far less expensive) WebsitePainter for Windows! Check it. This web editor lets you make big, beautiful web pages without having to know a single THING about HTML or even about the basic fundamentals of web design. A total novice like me could learn how to make a website in a matter of hours, so I know you can too. WebsitePainter is easy to use, easy to understand, and just... easy! Get it, and you'll be making websites in no time!
Super easy program for anyone looking to make a proper website without any coding knowledge. I was able to add a slide show onto my shops homepage no problem, great for keeping customers up to date with deals and new products. This program pretty much pays for itself. If you know how to use Paint, you can easily make your own website with this software like me without having to pay someone to do it for you. I started with the free trial but ended up buy it, would definitely recommend
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