by Petr Mourek

A comprehensive and lightweight application allowing the capturing of DV device videos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Petr Mourek

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinDV is a small free program for capturing video stream transmitted to a computer from any DV device (e.g. digital camcorder) via FireWire interface (via IEEE 1394 connector).

To work in the program, it does not need to be installed, just download and unpack. WinDV can not only capture video from a camcorder, but also record back to it AVI video format stored on a computer. All AVI files recorded on the cameras are automatically merged into one video.

The interface of the program is as simple and clear as possible. The maximum that the user can do is to select DV devices (type-1 or type-2). To start manual grabbing control, you need to activate the check box between the Config and Capture cores. Video playback and capture is performed by pressing the Capture button, and stops when the button is pressed again. Stops each time, the program captures the time code, and then automatically creates a new file for the selected segment of the video.

WinDV is not designed to capture or professionally mount video, there are special editing programs for this purpose. But without it, you can't do without it when capturing video from someone else's camcorder or on a small laptop, when the main thing is the need to quickly record the video stream.

- doesn't require an installation;

- captures video from a digital camcorder;

- memory buffering;

- no settings;

- Automatically split the video into small segments (each segment is saved in a separate video file);

- AVI reverse video recording function on the camera;

- Automatically connect AVI files when recording to the camera;

- a built-in viewer.

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WinDV for Windows is a software with a very simplistic interface that assist users capturing of DV device videos. With WinDV for Windows you can work in your DV device videos, its very simple and basic design display in its main screen the details of connections and running status, you just need to click in the tools section, than settings and a window will be display with the general options, linking, RF Access, DTMF, DVR and other, here you can select the option RF Access and than click in Enable Access Filter and select configuration, after that you can click in import from file any specif file that you need to work in.
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I’ve been using WinDV create AVI files from my digital video camera, it’s pretty simple to use with firewire and I haven’t had any issues so far. It also seems to be pretty fast compared to other tools I’ve used in the past. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to create AVI or upload them to your device. I’ve also used the timestamp facility to split videos based on time and this has been really easy to use.
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WinDV for Windows is a very useful application for capturing videos from a digital video device such as a camcorder. It creates AVI files, with both type 1 and type 2 formats supported. WinDV for Windows provides a large buffer queue which ensures the application's reliability; so you never have to worry about dropped frames. Another great feature is that several AVI files can be merged together to create one video recording. This application is free.
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This is the software that are used for the capture of the videos in the DV device. This is the user friendly program that can be used by all the users just by reading the instructions which can be operated easily. They can be converted into various videos which can have more than AVI files to be recorded in the same types. This is very safe and secured.
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Carter B*******d

WindDV is a free, open-source digital video capture and editing software. It is designed to allow users to capture, edit and burn their own digital video to a DVD or CD. It includes features such as video trimming, audio mixing, and the ability to burn the resulting video file to a DVD or CD. WindDV is a great tool for anyone looking to capture and edit their own digital videos.
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Aiden U.

I have been using WinDV software for the past few months and I am quite pleased with its performance. The software is fast and responsive, allowing me to capture and edit videos with ease. I have also found the intuitive user interface of the software to be very helpful. The software is able to capture videos from a variety of sources and can even be used to capture videos from a camera or DV camcorder. The software also provides a range of editing tools and functions that allow me to quickly and easily edit my videos. I also find the built-in sharing tools of WinDV to be very useful. All in all, I have been quite pleased with my experience using WinDV.
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