Winpopup NET messenger

by Lantalk

Messenger service for the professional office environment

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lantalk

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Winpopup LAN Messenger is an intranet instant messaging solution used to keep all of your companies sensitive data in-house. This leads to more security, speed, and reliability. The Internet is not a factor with Winpopup as all communications are done in your own environment. This means that even if there is an internet outage, messaging capabilities will not be affected when you have Winpopup.

Winpopup was created by Microsoft and was included with Windows 95. As time went on, it started to become a subpar service. This led it to motivate another group to split off from it to form its own service. Today, Winpopup is a “secure, reliable, and transparent” protocol.

Any organization which uses a server located outside their own infrastructure runs the risk of data being lost or even worse, stolen. Winpopup has the option of integrating itself with your own messaging servers and uses the RC4 encryption protocol to make sure your data is secure.

Winpopup has two GUIs to pick from. You have a choice between one that is familiar to most people as it's similar to other messenger apps and the other which has more features tailored to business use.

One of these features is “group announce” which allows you to select a group of employees and push out your message to them all at once.

Another is “group broadcasting/group chats” which allows you to create a group of specified employees and discuss with all of them in the here and now.

Winpopup gives you the option of using it with your own server but also works even without one. With your own server, Winpopup is added to your network and takes over all communication functions. With no server, Winpopup works by connecting all users that downloaded the software within your own local network. It’s that simple, just plug and play. 

Ensures all messages stay within your companies network keeping it secure.

  • Secure, fast, and reliable as it works in your own local network
  • Doesn't require an internet connection
  • Uses RC4 encryption for security
  • Has Group announce/chat/meeting features
  • User friendly as it has a familiar feel and functionality as other messenger apps
Internet messaging system great for companies to store and discuss sensitive data. Because its an internal serve you will not need internet access. This is exceptionally helpful if your office has an outage. -Created by microsoft so its reputable. One feature I found exciting and useful is the "group announce" feature. This allows you to create an announcement for a specific group in your office, maybe a few selective employees (leaders, managers, HR, etc.) and have real time discussions without the entire office participating. This product is bound to keep all messages within the office's network creating a secure environment for your company.