Wise Care 365

by WiseCleaner.com

All in one system tune up tool provider

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WiseCleaner.com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There are many different programs and kits available now to clean up the system. Such programs often increase its performance but as a rule they lead to appearance of system errors. The exception is the Wise Care 365 Free utility. This solution can not only perform standard operations, such as removing "trash" files, working with system processes, services and autoload folder, but also offers the user a number of other useful features. Among them: a tool for optimizing the RAM, an application that evaluates the speed of the system boot, as well as offers possible ways to accelerate it and much more.

When you run Wise Care 365 Free for the first time, it will check your system itself and suggest a number of settings that will have a positive impact on its performance. If the functionality of the program was not enough for you, you can download additional developer tools. You will find links to them in the corresponding tab of the main interface window of Wise Care 365 Free.

- Detection and deletion of temporary files;

- Complex cleaning of the system registry from obsolete entries;

- Optimization of Windows operation;

- a tool for defragmentation of the hard disk and registry;

- Reduced system startup time;

- deleting files without the possibility of their subsequent recovery;

- An application for generating strong passwords.

Overall, completely worth the download. I was able to start using it right away and help clean up my computer. Wise Care was able to find old files and old processes on my computer that were slowing it down to the point of not being able to use it anymore, which revived my old computer! When it comes to the overall experience of the software, it is extremely easy to use once it was downloaded onto the computer. After my initial use of Wise Care 365, I routinely will go into it each month and see if there is anything that I can clean up / remove from my computer to improve its performance. Overall, this software can rejuvenate any computer and will make you think before replacing it with a new one!
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