by WMemoryProfiler Development Team

A profiler used for integration tests capable of identifying memory leaks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WMemoryProfiler Development Team

Release: WMemoryProfiler 2.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For those computer users who perform more advanced server-side production tasks, monitoring the memory usage of your server or mainframe computer is absolutely essential. Too many memory leaks can not only render the whole system slow and unusable; it can lead to data loss or extended server downtime if the problem is not fixed in the correct amount of time.

WMemoryProfiler for Windows helps users with this exact problem by allowing users to monitor server integration tasks in real-time to examine if there are any memory leaks that need to be fixed. WMemoryProfiler is at its core a managed .NET profiler that boasts a wide range of .NET compatibility, supporting .NET frameworks and servers from versions 2.0 through versions 4.5 to ensure that no matter what hardware you're working on this program can be of valuable use and utility. In fact, processes don't even have to be running on modern 4.0 NET frameworks for this program to work because the unique work that went into the design API behind the program explicitly supports versions before it. The big breakthrough that enabled this program to have that level of functionality involves bypassing the profiling API itself and instead of making use of the unique CLrMD code base. 

By utilizing the CLrMD code base as opposed to running processes directly from the API, this program can feature a host of advanced features that make it stand out from other options. For instance, this program features instance tracking and the ability to self-debug. For users who are looking for fast deletion of unwanted instances in processes, the instance tracking can easily facilitate this process as long as you are doing so in heaps that are managed by the WMemoryProfiler program. For users who are interested in maximizing their memory usage and avoiding memory leaks from getting too large or unstable, this lightweight, fast, and most importantly free program is sure to be of valuable use regardless of the .NET framework your hardware or server is running.

Capable of extracting heap statistics and general memory usage for all processes in your computer or server

  • Capable of retrieving memory stats from other processes and its own processes to give users the most comprehensive picture of system memory usage possible
  • Supports .NET frameworks from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.5 for ultimate flexibility and versatility to work on the widest range of servers and computers available
  • Supports ClrMD for taking consistent heap statistic samples at safe points during process operation, allows for more support of larger heap sizes or object counts
  • Boasts impressive and unique features such as self-debugging, instance tracking, and the ability to remove instanced objects from all available heaps
  • Essential for checking memory usage before performing server integration tests 

Supports all versions of Windows

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