by Woize

The cheapest internet telephony application that allows us to call anywhere in the world

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Woize

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The Woize is an application that is mainly used for calling anywhere in the world through the internet. In other words, we can say it is one of the cheapest ways to make Internet calls. It is a free VoIP application that can be used in both PCs and smartphones. It allows people all over the world to receive and make calls anywhere in the world over the internet. Woize even provides us with our own telephone number for free so that we can use that number in PCs to make calls. The application is available for free download and the telephone number is also free; the only thing we have to pay is the call costs to other mobile phones and landlines. 

Woize also has other features apart from internet calls. It is a complete communication package. Apart from the basic telephony features like voice mail, SMS, and call forwarding, there are many other communication features such as instant messaging, file transferring and RSS news feeds.

Whichever platform we use or install the Woize application, whether it's a smartphone or PC, the two common features among these platforms is that the calls from Woize users to Woize users is absolutely free and the calls to mobile phones and landlines are very cheap. Woize is available both as software and as hardware. The hardware type is for the phones at home and the software is for operating systems. 


  • The cheapest way to make and receive Internet calls to anywhere in the world.
  • Available both as hardware and as software.
  • Complete communication package features such as voice mail, call forwarding, and SMS.
  • Additional features such as instant messaging, file transferring and RSS news feeds.
  • Can be used in both smartphones and PCs.
  • Free for download and gets a telephone number for free too. 
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