XSplit VCam

by SplitmediaLabs, Ltd.

A simple background-removal tool, not requiring any extra editing of time put into it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SplitmediaLabs, Ltd.

Release : XSplit VCam 4.2.2312

Antivirus check: passed

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Programs like XSplit VCam usually pose one main goal, and make it almost their entire purpose - but this time the software also provides some other utilities which will be described below. Its focus is, of course, removing the background of the video file and adding a new video/image/anything else you need on the newly created space. Other than that it also offers background blurring, depth of view change (also effects/modes like Portrait Mode, DSLR, pixel depth or quality), background image swapping (with full support over PNG, JPEG, GIF, and Internet websites) with blur effect that can be easily applied, too. 

These are the major features that are in place but some more take place, like, for example, AI-based auto-framing that helps bring the focus of the participants on you, or some other face that is in the current frame. This also concludes us to the direct integration of VCam into all mainstream conference/meeting services, or generally any video call software choices. The compatibility, however, doesn't conclude here as the program also works just fine with OBS, Streamlabs, Bandicam, and others. VCam suits largely bloggers, streamers, YouTubers, and overall any influencers who utilize post-production video editing. The strengths of the application could also be used by podcasters, activists, or people who are in the sphere of business. 


XSplit VCam is a fast editing software, as a main aim it removes any unneeded background and adding easily customizable green screen to your video track
  • Seamless synergy with many other programs that utilize video
  • Low requirements and minimal dependence on one's hardware capabilities
  • Several videos explaining the software's abilities and advantages, as well as a basic run-through across the instruments
  • A basic settings section, with some default options which can be changed by you

So, is XSplit VCam worth your time, considering the utility use of the app limits to practically one concept? Well, it is hard to say, mainly due to some better alternatives existing out there, though those may be pricey or have their downsides. To put it simply, VCam is just an easy way out for people needing background editing, not having that much more to offer.


Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
2nd Generation Core i5 CPU or equivalent
DirectX 10.1 compatible GPU

Compatible with all major streaming and conferencing platforms.
Allows background removal, replacement, and blurring.
No additional hardware required, just install and use.

Can be resource-intensive on some systems.
Does not support mobile devices.
Infrequent updates and bug fixes.
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